That Three Jokers Book 2 "Moment" Leaks on Reddit (Spoilers Update)

This is what happens now that DC Comics titles ship the previous week to going on sale (sometimes) – there's more of a propensity for leakage. Though, as former DC publisher Dan DiDio once confessed to me, he never knew a sale that DC lost over a spoiler. Anyway, back in January, Bleeding Cool reported a little Three Jokers gossip.

 No sign of his and Jason Fabok's Three Jokers yet on the schedules and Fabok is currently working on the third issue – but I am told there is a scene in the second book with Barbara Gordon and Jason Todd that will cause waves and probably irk certain fans even more than when Tom King did to Wally West and Poison Ivy combined. But when it comes to continuity, it will be as though these books never even happened, even though they grew out of big continuity changes in the DCU. Certainly not a living Alfred will be seen in the DCU as a result, so why would we see three Jokers in the Batman titles?

Since then, I have received a variety of abuse from comic book fans for even suggesting something, especially when a few weeks ago, Jason Fabok tried to placate things.

Three Jokers #2 "Moment" Leaks on Reddit
Jason Fabok Instagram feed regarding Three Jokers.

Please, friends don't let friends compare you to WeGotYouCovered. Long time readers (some going back to 1992) have a better idea of what I write, how I know it, and the likelihood that it will come to pass. But some folk who mix me up with other johnny-come-latelies have suddenly been surprised. Which is why I woke this morning to all manner of notifications after a certain scene leaked on r/dccomics Reddit. With lots of "u/richjohnston was right, would you believe it?" tags. Like they were surprised or something. Here's the image that has caused all the fuss. Spoilers, obviously.

UPDATE: And here's a better version of it.

And yes, they appear irked. Really quite irked. The Three Jokers #2 is published this coming Tuesday. Here's a little preview:

Three Pages From The Three Jokers #2 - What Will The Twist Ending Be?
Three Pages From The Three Jokers #2
Three Pages From The Three Jokers #2 - What Will The Twist Ending Be?
Three Pages From The Three Jokers #2
Three Pages From The Three Jokers #2 - What Will The Twist Ending Be?
Three Pages From The Three Jokers #2

As Batman and Batgirl follow an unexpected thread linking the three Jokers with someone from the Dark Knight's past, Red Hood dives headfirst into trouble and finds himself struggling to stay afloat without the aid of his allies.
Batman: Three Jokers continues its trajectory as the ultimate examination of The Joker and his never-ending conflict with Batman. Prepare yourselves for the second chapter of one of the most terrifying and personal mysteries Batman has ever faced! In Shops: Sep 29, 2020 SRP: $6.99

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