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Three Jokers to Launch in June, Johns and Fabok Promise No (More) Delays

Three Jokers to Launch in June, Johns and Fabok Promise No (More) Delays

Three Jokers, the long-awaited comic by Geoff "Jeff" Johns and Jason Fabok, is finally set to debut in June. No, seriously. We know DC has been talking about Three Jokers for years now, but there's a good reason for that, according to a new interview with Johns and Fabok on Entertainment Weekly: they wanted to […]

Frankensteining DC

Will Batman: Three Jokers by Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok Be Solicited Today?

Does this tweet from artist Jason Fabok… big #batman #Threejokers news coming soon… stay tuned. pic.twitter.com/q6HrCAqPbD — Jason Fabok (@JasonFabok) January 13, 2020 …indicate that Three Jokers #1 by Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok will be solicited by DC Comics for April? Looks like we should add it to the Frankensteined titles. Here's some art […]

Fans Will Decide Whether The Three Jokers Will Be In DC Comics Continuity…

When Geoff Johns segued from Justice League to DC Rebirth and then into Shazam and Doomsday Clock, it was set to be the hard-and-fast near-future of the DC Universe, and Johns worked with every creator on the Rebirth books about the direction of their titles, the core of the characters, and for a couple of […]

Jason Fabok Thinks Batman Deserves Someone Better Than Catwoman

Jason Fabok Thinks Batman Deserves Someone Better Than Catwoman

When DC Comics advertised, and then failed to deliver on, the marriage of Batman and Catwoman, it angered fans so much it may have even hurt Tom King's epic run on the Batman title, which was recently ripped away from him and replaced by a Batman/Catwoman maxi-series. But at least one person thinks the couple […]

Three Jokers NYCC 2

Geoff Johns Teases Three Jokers at NYCC Spotlight Panel

Geoff Johns is hosting his spotlight panel at NYCC right now, and after dropping some some tidbits about the DC Universe shows, he brought out the big guns, teasing the upcoming and long-awaited Three Jokers story. The story will focus on the Joker through three eras, and the primary stars of the story will be […]

Jason Fabok's $100 3D Superman Coin Costs $1200 CAD, and It's Already Sold Out

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool told you about the Royal Canadian Mint's $100 Superman: The Last Son of Krypton 3D coin designed by Jason Fabok. Though featured in an article on the Mint's website describing the creation process and mentioned in another press release about the Mint's 3D coin technology, we were unable to find an actual […]

Check Out Jason Fabok's $100 3D Superman Coin for the Royal Canadian Mint

Everyone knows how the old saying about comic book collectors goes: there's one born every minute! So there should be no shortage of fans intrigued by the latest offering from the Royal Canadian Mint. If you thought those 3D lenticular comic book covers were something, wait until you get a load of the new Superman: […]

Top and Bottom 5 Comics, Week of July 4th, 2018: From Hulk to Inhumans

It's a bit late again, and I didn't get around to doing it last week. However, the Top and Bottom 5 Comics is back again this week. What soared? What fell on its face? Let's find out together now! Best Comics of the Week 1. Immortal Hulk #2 Immortal Hulk kicked off with a hell of […]

Man of Steel #6 cover by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, and Alex Sinclair

Man of Steel #6 Review: Bombastic, Genuine, and Fun

Jor-El has come to Earth to take Jonathan Kent away to learn more about his power, his people, and where his life may be headed. Jon wants to go, but Lois and Clark are reluctant to send their son away with someone who might be his grandfather. In the present, Superman fights Rogol Zaar to […]

Batman #50 cover by Mikel Janin

Advance Review: Batman #50 – Profoundly Unsatisfying [Spoiler-Free]

The day of Batman and Catwoman's wedding has arrived at last, and the two gather their witnesses and a judge to marry them off at dawn on a rooftop in downtown Gotham. While they prepare, Bruce and Selina individually reminisce about their times together, each other, and how their relationship has developed over the years. […]

Man of Steel #5 cover by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, and Alex Sinclair

Man of Steel #5 Review: Bringing Back the Quality

Superman has taken Rogol Zaar off the Earth to battle it out in orbit. However, Rogol is powerful and able to lay out the Man of Steel all too quickly. The Justice League arrives in Metropolis to provide support to Supergirl, whom discovers Superman's unconscious body on the moon. The team regroups to discern Rogol's […]

The Man of Steel #1 cover by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, and Alex Sinclair

The Man of Steel #1 Advance Review: Brian Michael Bendis Understands Superman

Some time in the forgotten past, an angry alien warlord named Rogol Zarr tries to warn leaders from disparate cultures of the danger posed by the Kryptonians and their expanding interplanetary industry. He is overlooked but not deterred. In the present, Superman investigates a series of mysterious arsons, a pair of villains, and meets a […]

Feels, Twists But No New Breaks In The Case – Batman #22 Review

The third part of The Button, the story-line that has been promised to provide the next major steps in the ongoing mystery of Rebirth, Batman #22 performs spectacularly well in some respects, but slightly under-performs in another. Heading into this review, beware: there are significant spoilers. . . . . The issue itself is great. […]

Jason Fabok's Official Batman V Superman Art For WonderCon 2016

This is the official poster show art for Wondercon 2016, the comic book show in Los Angeles later this month brought to you by CCI, the folk that also put on San Diego Comic Con. And apparently there's a movie coming out soon, which Jason Fabok's artwork might just tie into. Oh yes, and there's a T-shirt as well…

Death To The Flash?

Jason Fabok has definitely leapt up to the A-List of DC's artistic talent, and getting the Justice League book has been a perfect way to show off his balls-busting blockbuster comic book talents. I understand that the next issue will see that put to the test, with an all-out battle between Darkseid and Anti-Monitor. But could […]

The First Casualties Of The Darkseid War… (SPOILERS)

From today's Justice League #41… and the beginning of the Darkseid War. The story has been building since Justice League #1 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee. 40 issues later, Johns and Jason Fabok kick it off. With two pages portraying the Justice League as the curious and awestruck… What's that thing they say curiosity […]

Ch-Ch-Changes – Marvel And DC Comics In October, From Action Comics To All-New Miracleman

Another look at upcoming comics, that might differ from how they were originally solicited… Justice League #34 will be drawn by Scott Kolins, not Doug Mahnke and Keith Champagne. It also has the cover above by Jason Fabok, originally intended for his first issue #26. Superman/Batman #16 will be drawn by Marc Deering and Diogenes Neves and not Jae Lee. Though […]