Today, In Captain Marvel, Civil War II Does Watchmen

It's not just DC Rebirth that is doing Watchmen.

DC Universe - Rebirth (2016) 001-066

Or even, now I think about it, recent issues of The Wicked + The Divine.

The Wicked + The Divine 020-027

Of which Kieron Gillen said

"For a structurally-Watchmen-y issue, the nod is there… and I did play with making it much more explicit. I tried to make a line akin to "Baphomet said I should say "I did it half an hour ago" but I'm not sure why" but couln't make it work, not least because it breaks the tone. This is not a wink-wink scene. This is a serious scene of drama."

But now Captain Marvel is having a go. In today's issue, as she is criticised by the powers that be (another lot) for not having access to the Inhumans precognitive abilities.Image (82) As Captain Marvel battles with her own conscience and representing the views of other individuals such as Tony Stark.Image (83)Before encountering a threat that convinces her of the importance of knowing the future before it happens.Image (81)Hours? Or thirty-five minutes?

Dr Manhattan sees the future and the past as just one thing. Will DC Comics have a civil war about him themselves?

Oh and as Brian Bendis did in the Ultimate Universe, today's Spider-Man sees him bringing in the madman screaming about a rival imprint/publisher's big crossover…

Image (84)


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