Todd McFarlane Iconic Spider-Man #1 CGC 9.8 Auction At ComicConnect

Todd McFarlane revitalized Spider-Man when he became the regular artist on Amazing in 1988. Fans were dazzled on the gangly, more spider-like poses and qualities he gave ole web-head, and reacted buy buying the book in droves. Wanting to capitalize while making Todd happy, Marvel gave him his own Spidey title to launch. Spider-Man #1 sold over 2 million copies, and the cover to that book is one of the more iconic ones of the last few decades, swiped to no end. A beautiful CGC 9.8 copy of the silver cover to that book is up for auction right now on ComicConnect, part of Session 4 of Event Auction #42. It ends in a few hours and is currently sitting at only $51. Check it out below.

Todd McFarlane's Iconic Spider-Man #1 CGC 9.8 Auction At ComicConnect
Spider-Man #1 CGC 9.8. Credit ComicConnect

This is when variant covers took over the industry and led to the bubble bursting on comics in the '90s. This book featured a few, including a regular colored version, a silver version like seen above, and a gold version. Each was also polybagged, including a huge "collector's item" sticker. Todd McFarlane wrote and drew 15 of the first 16 issues of this series, before leaving Marvel altogether to help form Image Comics, creating some character named Spawn. This Spidey title is a back issue favorite to this day. I run a comic shop, and every week I have to refill the back issues of this series. Nostalgia, love of the art, who knows why all I know is that this book right here is still insanely popular.

Which is why, at such a low price, you should be jumping on this. If you loved this book as a kid, this is as good a copy as you will ever find. 9.8's of Todd McFarlane covers stay higher value-wise, and recent other examples have sold for double this. Make sure to keep tabs on Session 4 of ComicConnect's Event Auction #42 all day, and pounce on this if it stays low before the auction ends tonight.

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