Top Cow Celebrates SDCC With Complete The Darkness Collection

Top Cow has reinvented themselves in recent years with indie creator-owned hits, such as Stjepan Šejić's wildly popular erotic romance Sunstone, as well as Postal, the crime thriller that put Batman and the OutsidersBryan Edward Hill and Under the Moon: A Catwoman Tale's Isaac Goodhart on the map. The Image imprint has not forgotten its roots, though. The Top Cow Universe, which centered on Witchblade and The Darkness, was the publisher's central focus for years. Top Cow has dipped back into their interconnected universe of superheroes and villains in recent years. They are releasing reinventions of Witchblade with Šejić's teen retelling of the story, Switch, and continuations that saw new characters run with the legacy of classic Top Cow heroes in Magdalena, co-written by X of Swords architect Tini Howard and Poppy writer Ryan Cady. Now, Top Cow is returning to their trademark universe once again, not for a reinvention, but for a hardcover collection of their series, The Darkness released just in time for SDCC.

Top Cow launches The Darkness at SDCC. Credit: Top Cow's Kickstarter page.
Top Cow launches The Darkness at SDCC. Credit: Top Cow's Kickstarter page.

The Darkness followed Jackie Estacado, a hitman for the mob who was cursed with The Darkness, a power that gave him access to a demonic dimension. Jackie bordered on anti-hero and villain as he wielded The Darkness in the series created by David Wohl, Marc Silvestri, and Garth Ennis. The series will be collected in hardcover, now available to Kickstarter backers in a new campaign that Top Cow launched to tie in with SDCC.

Top Cow writes:

The Darkness Compendium has been out of print and sold-out. Finally, the original series is getting reformatted in 25 issue increments for a more leisurely reading experience.

The Complete Collection Vol. 1 Hardcover includes:
Darkness #1-18
Tales of The Darkness #1-4 & #1/2
Darkness: Prelude #1
Darkness #1/2
Witchblade #10, #18 & 19

Every backer that purchases a physical copy of the Darkness hardcover will be signed by Marc Silvestri—and include a Kickstarter exclusive dust-jacket!

Fans of the Top Cow universe and artist Marc Silvestri can get their copy of The Darkness pre-ordered on Kickstarter right here. The long-time comic book publisher's Kickstarter is currently the most popular comics project live on the platform. Whether Top Cow will take this as a sign that readers are ready for a new generation of The Darkness has yet to be seen.

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