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Marc Silvestri Returns To The Darkness, On Kickstarter
The Darkness created by Marc Silvestri, Garth Ennis, and David Wohl, is a character, mafioso Jackie Estacado who, after turning 21, inherited the curse of the Darkness  A wielder of the Darkness has been present in every major time period and continental power in history These hosts have usually been of a violent predisposition, such[...]
Marc Silvestri Darkness Kickstarter Promises New Ongoing Series
A Kickstarter campaign just launched for the second hardcover in The Darkness Complete Collection promises new material by Marc Silvestri and a new ongoing Darkness series to launch sometime in the near future The Kickstarter page states: In addition to recollecting the original series, we're bringing Jackie Estacado back! Marc Silvestri is writing the Kickstarter exclusive #1/2[...]
Top Cow Celebrates SDCC With Complete The Darkness Collection
The Top Cow Universe, which centered on Witchblade and The Darkness, was the publisher's central focus for years Top Cow has dipped back into their interconnected universe of superheroes and villains in recent years They are releasing reinventions of Witchblade with Šejić's teen retelling of the story, Switch, and continuations that saw new characters run with the legacy[...]
"Supernatural" Season 15 "Raising Hell" Was Far From Heaven [SPOILER REVIEW]
I never liked The Darkness and seeing how that all lead up to down-time in Reno is so lame Ugh. Actually, this episode was chalk-full of crappy news On the bright side, Rowena's soul-catcher got the ghosts On the bad side, Belthegor's protective dome is fading So they need to come up with a better and[...]
When Jack was bird, I dreaded where the story would go – although my feelings did change once we got to know Jack. The Darkness can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Supernatural (11×23) – God and the Darkness Ending – "Alpha and Omega" ( I was wowed by the cliffhanger, but hated The Darkness[...]
Top Cow is Selling a Sci-Fi & Sex Humble Bundle to Benefit California Wildfire Victims
A press release provides more details on The Darkness Sci-Fi and Sex bundle: Top Cow Productions and Humble Bundle have reunited to offer a collection of new and classic Top Cow titles to help raise money for a charity of your choice! Your pay-what-you-want contribution can go to Direct Relief The humanitarian aid organization is currently[...]
The Darkness 2
The Darkness 2 is now free to pick up on PC courtesy of Humble Bundle. Humble Bundle seem to be on a big run of giving away games for free If you've been following the company's offers, you could have amassed a decent library on PC for free Just last week they were giving away F1[...]
It's been four years since Jackie Estacado and the Darkness appeared in his own series The character created by Top Cow/Image founder Marc Silvestri along with Garth Ennis and David Wohl is the balance to the Angelus and one of the 13 artifacts that make up the Top Cow universe of characters Others include the[...]
Justice League #31 Review: An Uplifting Finale
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Darkness has taken hold of the Justice League, and it's up to their children, the Sovereign, the future Aquaman, and Batman to free them from its grasp. The Darkness wants the League to kill their offspring and Wonder Woman to kill her mother, Hippolyta (who is the Sovereign) Meanwhile, Green Lantern Simon Baz is[...]
Top Cow Previews – Rise Of The Magi #4 And Artifacts #39
Marc Silvestri writes issue #4 of Rise of the Magi and 2014 talent hunt winners Raven Heisenberg and Gustavo Brocanello tell a tale of The Darkness in Artifacts #39. ARTIFACTS #39 Story: Raven Heisenberg Art / Cover: Gustavo Brocanello 2014 Talent Hunt winning team! The story of the very first Darkness bearer told by Jackie Esacado. [...]
40 Thoughts About 40 Comics – Lobster Johnson, The Woods, Justice League 3000, Action Comics, Batman/Green Hornet, Caliban, Amazing X-Men x2, Loki, Avengers World, Garfield, Iron Man, Green Lantern, Miles Morales, Great Pacific, Black Bat, Swamp Thing, Maxx, GI Joe, Superior Foes, Moon Knight, Original Sin, Suicide Risk, Revelations, Nailbiter, Adventure Time, Big Trouble In Little China, Angel & Faith, Ghost, Victories, Quantum & Woody, Action Cat, The Darkness, Rise Of The Magi, Witchblade, Judge Dredd, TMNT, Five Weapons And The Superannuated Man
The moment you can no longer feed them, they'll eat your face off. Whereas Quantum And Woody #11 has the true nature of goats down pat. Yes, this is The Darkness Yes, it is this good. Marc Silvestri picks up the pen for a few pages of Rise Of The Magi And gives us a bit of bottom[...]
Top Cow Teases FCBD Rise Of The Magi, Films, Games, and Cyber Force at Wondercon
The answer is "hopefully" since the Darkness feature film is underway, and if the movie happens, there will likely be a third game The first of the Darkness game came out 8 years ago, and is still popular on multiple platforms. Regarding film treatments, Len Wiseman, who created Underworld franchise and the last Diehard movie is[...]
Looking For A Gift For That Original Art Collector Or Marc Silvestri Fan?
With the holidays approaching, there are just some people on our list that are difficult to buy for… if you have one of those who happens to love original comic book art… and your pockets are pretty deep… then this might be the thing for you. Marc Silvestri, co-founder of Image Comics, founder of Top Cow,[...]