Valiant Names Rob Levin Executive Editor, Announces Brand New Era

Valiant Entertainment proclaimed the start of a "brand new era" at the company after promoting Rob Levin to the position of Editor-in-Chief. The writer and editor who most recently served as Executive Editor of Humanoids will lead Valiant as it executes its vision of making a buttload of money like Marvel by leveraging its superhero intellectual property. Or, as the press release puts it:

Big changes are happening at Valiant Entertainment.

The future of the award-winning publisher's slate of comics will fully embrace the potential that its shared universe of compelling characters has to offer, and Rob Levin has joined the team as Executive Editor to help move this vision forward.

Rob Levin, courtesy of Valiant Entertainment
Rob Levin, courtesy of Valiant Entertainment

In the press release, new Valiant Executive Editor Rob Levin comments on exactly what that will mean in the coming months:

While 2021's hit titles SHADOWMAN, NINJAK, and the upcoming series THE HARBINGER (on sale 10/27) will publish new arcs in 2022, the upcoming year will also see a concentrated focus on reminding comic fans about what sets the Valiant Universe apart from other shared universes. "There's so much to explore within the Valiant Universe, from the wealth of characters to the many genres it spans, and my goal is to emphasize the 'shared' in shared universe," stated Rob. "Whether you're reading one title or everything we release, we're going to make sure each book stands on its own and has a voice and a point of view, and it's also going to play a part in the larger tapestry that is the Valiant Universe."

Valiant's comics in 2022 will see epic new stories from fan-favorite and critically-acclaimed creators, all working together to move the universe forward with stories that make an impact and have lasting repercussions. Next year will see the release of a thrilling event that brings Valiant's iconic characters together and will pave the way for new launches and the creation of a whole new team. "While I can't reveal any specifics just yet, readers will start seeing more of those connections over the coming months, all building to a crescendo in a book that will pay dividends for longtime fans and also deliver an amazing entry point into the Valiant Universe. The excitement internally feels a lot like the original Summer of Valiant did back in 2012 as a reader, and I truly cannot wait to get our upcoming stories into the hands of readers."

Wait a minute. Endless hyperbole. Plans for a massive super-mega-crossover event. Claiming to be excited about everything. My god. It can't be. It's–

*Rob Levin rips off mask to reveal he is actually…*

AXEL ALONSO?! How could it be you? Aren't you working with Bill Jemas over at AWA?

"That's true," replied Alonso. "Or is it?!"

*Alonso rips off mask to reveal he is actually…*

BILL JEMAS?! But how? Why? It doesn't make sense?

"Doesn't it?" Jemas replied. "Well then… try this on for size!"

*Jemas rips off mask to reveal he is actually…*

JOE QUESADA?! Of course! I should have seen it all along! It was obvious!

"Was it?" asked Quesada. "Think again!"

Oh no. No no no nonononono it can't be!

*Quesada rips off mask to reveal he is actually…*


"Bwahahahaha!" shouted Didio! "It was me, Terror! It was me all along! And now, under the guise of the brand new era for the Valiant universe, I will finally execute my plans for the 5G Timeline! That's right! Get ready for the Valiant Nu5G2! Hahahahahahaha!"


Editor's Note: Jude Terror fled the Bleeding Cool bullpen screaming, so here's the rest of the press release:

With David Wohl heading on a new path, he knew Rob was the perfect person to continue crafting a cohesive vision for Valiant's future. "I've known Rob for well over a decade, and during that time I've had the great fortune to be able to work with him on many diverse projects. That's why, when my personal situation changed and I needed to move on, I immediately reached out to Rob to see if he'd consider joining the team," remarked David. "I've always found Rob to be an extremely thoughtful, creative and dynamic individual— and that's why he's perfectly suited to be part of Valiant's great team. For Rob and Valiant, the next year (and beyond) is full of so much promise and potential as they build something fresh, exciting, and accessible for the Valiant Universe, that I, for one, look forward to seeing, and enjoying, everything they come up with. It's going to be a fun and exciting ride!"

"David has been a colleague and a friend since the earliest days of my career, and when he reached out to me about potentially joining Valiant, I saw it as both a fantastic opportunity and fortuitous timing," said Rob. "Publishing comics in 2020 was extremely difficult for numerous reasons, and Valiant took that opportunity to really evaluate the line and the overall creative direction at the start of the year. We have a fantastic team in place and a shared goal: deliver stories that will engage and enthrall everyone from our diehard fans to first-time readers."

Senior Editor Lysa Hawkins cannot wait for fans to see exactly what the Valiant Universe has in store for them next year. "There is so much to look forward to for the Valiant Universe in 2022! World altering events that shoot off into new stories, endless possibilities, and the return of many beloved and missed faces. 2022 is the year that Valiant will be forever changed."

Look for Valiant comics at a comic shop near you. Stay tuned for more information about the road ahead and, as always, stay Valiant.

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