Valve has Launched a Series of Comics Based on 'Artifact'


Valve's new game, Artifact, launched today alongside a brand new comic based on the game. Valve released the first in what is now a series of Artifact comics on Monday ahead of the launch, with the second comic releasing today alongside the game.

Titled Prelude and Call to Arms, the two comics focus on stories from the world of DOTA, which forms the base of Artifact. In some ways, the game is just Valve's take on Hearthstone, but there are definitely key differences in gameplay. However, the idea of having a shared universe between both games is definitely something Heartstone does well, and that Artifact seems to take into account as well.

You can absolutely expect these new comics to provide details into the world of DOTA and Artifact that you wouldn't get otherwise, so they're sure to be a hit with the lore crowd.

The summary for Call to Arms reads:

Sorla Khan's Red Mist horde marches on Stonehall, and only the Legion Commander and her army stands in their way. Meanwhile, the spark of revolution has ignited in Roseleaf, and powerful Ancients have begun to amass an army of their own. Four forces are about to collide. Which side will you choose?

You can read both comics for free on the Artifact site.

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