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Artifact Reboot Art
For those of you who actually want to play the updated Dota card game Artifact, a beta of version 2.0 is coming from Valve next week The developers made the announcement earlier today, letting players know that the beta will basically test "boring stuff", and that invites will start trickling out soon First with original[...]
Artifact Reboot Art
A couple of years ago at The International 2017, Valve debuted a brand new card game called Artifact, which went over with the crowd like a fart in church You don't have to take our word for that, you can watch a reaction video of the crowd as this is exactly how millions of Valve[...]
Artifact's Latest Update Focuses on Skill Rating, Leveling, and Balance
Valve has released a new update for Artifact which focuses on the skill rating and account leveling systems as well as some card balance changes, new features, and bug fixes. With the Build Your Legend update, Artifact now has an independent skill rating system for constructed and draft games It also includes a new account levelling system that tracks[...]
Valve has Launched a Series of Comics Based on 'Artifact'
  Valve's new game, Artifact, launched today alongside a brand new comic based on the game Valve released the first in what is now a series of Artifact comics on Monday ahead of the launch, with the second comic releasing today alongside the game. Titled Prelude and Call to Arms, the two comics focus on stories from the world of DOTA, which[...]
Darksiders III
Check out the full list of releases below, choose your games wisely, and as always; have fun! November 27th 99Vidas – Definitive Edition (Switch) Darksiders III (PC, PS4, XB1) Floor Kids (PS4, XB1) Red Dead Online [Beta] (PS4, XB1) Spintires: MudRunner – American Wilds (Switch) This War of Mine: Complete Edition (Switch) November 28th Artifact (PC) Horizon Chase Turbo (Switch, XB1) R-Type Dimensions EX (Switch) November 29th ABZU[...]
Valve Has Already Added a Beta Update to Artifact
Earlier today, Valve released a beta of their new card game Artifact, but the game already came with some issues that players do not like Usually, when a game is released into beta, you expect there to be problems because that's what a beta is for To test things out and help the devs find[...]
Valve is Hosting a Preview Tournament for Artifact Tomorrow
To prepare for the launch of their newest game Artifact at the end of this month, Valve is running a preview tournament for the game this weekend Starting tomorrow, 128 players will compete in Artifact matches for a modest prize pool The point of the tournament is more to show off the game and get players interested[...]
Valve Pushes the Artifact Beta Into November
Valve has sent out a notification to players who have signed up for the beta of Artifact that it will not be coming in October after all The message below was received by players who had either signed up for the beta or received a copy during their time at PAX West this year, alerting[...]
Valve Brings their Virtual TCG Artifact to PAX West
Valve has brought their DOTA card game, Artifact, to PAX West this weekend And yes, it is fully playable on the show floor. Artifact is notable not just because it was designed by Richard Garfield and uses DOTA characters and lore, but because it is Valve's first proprietary game since DOTA 2 was released in 2013. All attendees at PAX can check[...]
Valve has announced the release date for its next game, the Dota 2 themed card game Artifact for November. The common feeling around Valve for the past few years is that they aren't in the business of making games any more Of course, this isn't true at all The team maintains games like Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2 and[...]
Artifact the "First of Several" New Games from Valve, According to Gabe Newell
In a recent interview with PC Gamer, Valve's co-founder Gabe Newell talked about what's to come from the company when Artifact is released Surprisingly, Newell made it clear that Valve is apparently getting back into the gaming business a little more full-time than we expected, saying "Artifact is the first of several games that are going to[...]
Everything We Know About Valve's New Game, Artifact, So Far
Valve announced their first new game in years yesterday, the DOTA card game Artifact Which was a bit of a disappointment to a lot of fans hoping for Half Life 3 or even Portal 3 But, really, we should have all seen this coming. Blizzard has done damn well with Hearthstone, so seeing a DOTA tcg[...]