Venom: Lethal Protector #1 Black Foil Edition CGC On Auction Today

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Venom fans: how many of you actually knew this existed? Lethal Protector was the first mini-series starring Eddie brock, and everyone who has ever walked into a comic shop has seen the red foil cover to #1. But have you ever seen the black foil cover? The black cover printing error variant lacks the red foil background, and there has also been a single white cover printing error variant discovered that is likely to be a gold edition minus the foil. These are super duper rare indeed. My shop has had one, and it was the only one we have ever seen in person. On auction right now at ComicConnect is a CGC 9.6 copy of the black cover, and it is getting expensive. Currently, it is at $1797, as of this writing. Check it out below.

Venom: Lethal Protector #1 Black Foil Edition CGC On Auction Today
Venom Lethal Protector CGC. Credit ComicConnect

One Of The Rarest Venom Issues Out There

"In the city of San Francisco, a mugger corners a young woman in an alleyway. Discovering that she doesn't have a whole lot of money, the mugger decides to rape the woman. However, before he can commit this horrific act, he is interrupted by Venom. Disgusted by such a vile human being, Venom forces tendrils from his symbiote into the mugger's nose and mouth, suffocating him to death. With the mugger dead, Venom picks up the woman's purse and taps her on the head before leaping away. Horrified by the entire experience, the woman runs out of the alley, screaming. Swinging across the city, Venom tells his symbiote that coming back to San Francisco was a good idea. Venom has decided to give up on his vendetta against Spider-Man after deciding he really is a hero, relocating to San Francisco to protect innocents here. With his symbiote turning into street clothes, Eddie Brock goes to a hotel to rent a room for the night. He is recognized by two police officers who try to arrest him, forcing Brock to become Venom and flees. On his way out, he is photographed by a tourist who happens to see him swing away."

This is indeed one of the cooler Venom books you can add to your collection, and a CGC 9.6 is a pretty epic grade to have for it. Go here and check out more details and place a bid. While you are there, take a look at the other books taking bids today.

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