The Walking Dead Blind Box 'Here's Negan' Comic Sells For Over $900 On eBay

Today sees the release of the Image Comics 25th Anniversary Blind Box, priced at $250. But this week, there were already several CGC-ed copies of the Here's Negan Blind Box book selling at a considerable premium, all from the same seller, all already CBC slabbed. And one has just sold for over $900.

The speculation community, which I'd guess is the intended Blind Box consumer, is starting to get pitchfork-and-torch-ish. I figured before I put on my tinfoil hat and declare this the comic book version of insider trading, I'd run it across someone.

Certain folk are a little annoyed the boxes were opened early or the comics were sourced in a separate fashion. But all retailers are encouraged to open the Blind Boxed themselves and dispose of the contents as they see fit — indeed, Image Comics has encouraged such behaviour. Maybe not quite so soon, but retailers often advance sell items on eBay in the knowledge that they won't arrive with the customer until after the street sale date.

As for the unopened Blind Boxes, you pays your money and you takes your choice. The odds of what is inside can be found here, but they are selling on eBay for up to $400, unopened. Your store may, today, be willing to sell it to you for cover price. $250…

here's negan

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