Where On #DCRebirth Is Earth 2? Or Gotham Academy: Next Semester?

DC Comics announced a lot of creative teams for their DC Rebirth initiative.

But it seemed that they were missing two. Two that may be very dear to people's hearts.

While they said that Justice League Of America and Super Sons would happen, even without mentioning creative teams there was no news of the previously announced Earth 2 and Gotham Academy: Next Semester.

Could these be the Mystic U and Dark Universe of the DC Rebirth?

Earth 2 especially was hoped might provide a home for the rumoured return of the Justice Society Of America.

Unless of course that's what the Justice League Of America is now going to be.

But for the Gotham Academy students? Probably busy crossing over with Lumberjanes. Recess has been extended…. but writer Brendan Fletcher promises…

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