Who Will Betray the Justice League in October's Last Ride #6?

In Justice League: The Last Ride, the 7-issue limited series by Chip Zdarksy and Miguel Mendonca, a future Justice League, one which has disbanded due to a tragedy that resulted in the death of the Martian Manhunter, must get back together one more time. Their task: protecting Lobo as he awaits trial for war crimes, a trial which some in the United Planets might prefer never happens, lest it expose their own wrongdoing. Think of it basically like space Republicans blocking an investigation into the January 6th insurrection. To accomplish the task, the league has taken Lobo to the dungeons of Darkseid's torture master, DeSaad, on Apokalips.

A scene from Justice League: The Last Ride #3
A scene from Justice League: The Last Ride #3

But as if all the space Republicans in the galaxy, an alien sex dungeon, and broken relationships aren't bad enough, the League will have one more thing to contend with in the upcoming Justice League: The Last Ride #6, the penultimate issue just revealed in the DC October Solicitations: a traitor. According to the solicit, one of the members of the League will betray the group.  Who will it be? Well, we've never trusted that Hal Jordan guy, personally. Though Superman has been acting strange as well.

Check out the solicit below, and DC's full October solicitations here.

Variant Cover: MICHAEL CHOI
$3.99 US | 32 PGS | 6 of 7 | $4.99 US VARIANT (Card Stock)
ON SALE 10/12/21
The JUSTICE LEAGUE is stranded on an Apokolips that's deadlier than ever, with Earth in its crosshairs! And while the League battles with hordes and the clock, they're presented with the ultimate quandary—protect the galaxy's most ruthless bounty hunter LOBO, sacrifice him, or do something…more unspeakable! Even worse, they must do all of this while dealing with a TRAITOR IN THEIR MIDST! Will they be too late, since all roads lead…to Darkseid?


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