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The Wicked + The Divine #31 Review: Bringing The Beauty In The Breakdown

The Wicked + The Divine #31 is a game changer.

This issue has the next big events that really change the direction for the series, and it brings some shockers, believe you me.

The Wicked + The Divine #31 cover by Jamie McKelvie, Matthew Wilson and Clayton Cowles

What's especially wonderful here is these shockers are delivered incredibly beautifully in the issue. Jamie McKelvie is really bringing his A-game this issue, showing some truly spectacular examples of acting in the characters and really displaying the emotion. Then the colours by Matthew Wilson really sell it all. In fact, check out this page, where Wilson's colours are honestly the most beautiful and brightest I have seen in ages:

The Wicked + the Divine
The Wicked + The Divine #31 artwork by Jamie McKelvie and Matthew Wilson

In fact, the final page reveal…I was tempted to post it in this review, but it is such a wonderful reveal I don't want to spoil it. But it's genuinely a truly stunning final image to end on, and it's shocking, striking, and filled with details that will have you do a double take.

Kieron Gillen is a master with these characters, and in particular, a master of breaking hearts. One slight spoiler I'll have is Woden does a Woden, and yet somehow, I was totally surprised. Gillen's mastery is that he took a character like Woden, a despicable, vile, odious small man playing at being something more than he is, and somehow got the reader to a point where they are actually surprised when he shows his true colours as a monstrous asshole.

The Wicked + the Divine #31 artwork by Jamie McKelvie and Matthew Wilson

Honestly, I am angry at Woden and want to scream at him, and yet, I'm angrier at myself. Because hell, I should have seen that coming. Or maybe I should be angry at Gillen, for putting those blinkers on me and leading me to the slaughter.

Also, Gillen does an incredible moment again, looking at a study of relationships and what it takes to be a good person, which he does masterfully with his absolute good guy (oh god, now I'm worried about him) Dio, which I will include here.

The Wicked + the Divine #31 artwork by Jamie McKelvie and Matthew Wilson

The Wicked + the Divine is easily one of the best series on the stands right now, so it's nice to see us having reached the top of the rollercoaster again and heading for that deep drop, because after The Wicked + the Divine #31, things are going to blow up.

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