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Comic Book Workers United
Crowley, Michiums, Erik Ojo, Josh Flynn Kibbey, Tyson Wiebe, Seth Rosenblatt, Clayton Cowles, Marc Lewis, Chad Bokelman, Stephanie Chad Wrataric, Veronica, Brooklyn Dawn Samons, Victoria Ying, Allie Kleber, Hunter Bonyun, Emily R Riesbeck, Gage J Cottle, Jade Lejeck, Dan Pinto, Kennedy Sparrow, Brendan McGinley, C McDonald, Julia Hansen, Kenneth D Jackson, Josh Thornton, Jameson Helfrich,[...]
The Next Batman #1 Spoilers
The Next Batman #1 is published today, for DC Future State, with its lead feature story featuring this new Batman revisiting some very familiar tropes, courtesy of 12 Years A Slave screenwriter John Ridley, Doom Patrol artist Nick Derington, colours by Tamra Bonvillian and letters by Clayton Cowles. Credit: DC Whether that be from The Dark Knight[...]
Five Thoughts About Adventureman #1
I imagine somewhere in a Chicago suburb pulp fan John Siuntres laughed as he read it. The main character and bookseller Claire Connell wears hearing aids and one of the cool things Clayton Cowles does to simulate the character being hard of hearing is to blur out text, or in some cases, have the letters in[...]
Ludocrats #2 Review — Professionals At Work Here
To say he is "whimsical" would be like calling the Pacific Ocean "a puddle." He starts off the issue a drooling amnesiac riddled with more than a dozen syringe harpoons, fired from the guards of the Hyper-Pope. The cover of Ludocrats #2 published by Image Comics with the creative team of Kieron Gillen, Jim Rossignol, Jeff[...]
REVIEW: Die #10
(Image Comics, creative team: Kieron Gillen, Stephanie Hans, Clayton Cowles) The basic premise of a group of childhood friends sucked back into the magical and often deadly activities of their childhood is well-bolstered here by a story of struggle between two of their number Working together for a singular plan, everything hinges on the ability of[...]