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The Spoiler Bell Tolls For Woden, But The Following Silence Is Worse
In the writer's notes for The Wicked + The Divine #42, Kieron Gillen describes a moment in the issue as a fist-pumping moment He's right One of Chekov's guns finally goes off, and Ananke (though mind controlling Woden's Valkyries) kills Woden The team executes the violence well Woden's faceplate is cracked, punctured and broken into[...]
The Wicked + The Divine #36 cover by Jamie McKelvie and Matt Wilson
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] We see the history of Ananke/Minerva's stealing of god heads throughout time, and, in the present, Persephone comes to terms with the Baal's revelations. The Wicked + The Divine #36 cover by Jamie McKelvie and Matt Wilson This issue leaves me feeling a bit dumb, because this week on my Comics for Your Pull Box entry[...]
Wicked + Divine #34 cover by Jamie McKelvie and Matthew Wilson
In the present, Persephone and Cassandra are still trapped in the cage with Woden's beheaded son. The Wicked + The Divine #34 cover by Jamie McKelvie and Matthew Wilson The Wicked + The Divine #34 struggles a little in the plot advancement department, with much of the story consisting of Persephone/Laura and Cassandra figuring out things, whether[...]
The Wicked + the Divine
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Wicked + The Divine #33 from Image Comics by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Matthew Wilson, Clayton Cowles, and Dee Cunniffe is going to be a tough one to review without spoilers, but I'm going to try. What I will say is that this issue is a game changer And damned if I don't admit[...]
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Wicked + The Divine #31 is a game changer. This issue has the next big events that really change the direction for the series, and it brings some shockers, believe you me. The Wicked + The Divine #31 cover by Jamie McKelvie, Matthew Wilson and Clayton Cowles What's especially wonderful here is these shockers are delivered[...]
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Wicked + The Divine #29 marks the series return and start of what series creators Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, and Matthew Wilson refer to as Imperial Phase II Gillen has repeated used the metaphor of a double album, with this second part being that second album that vastly accelerates the story. Cover by Jamie[...]
A Comic with a Beat: The Wicked + The Divine #27 Review
And The Wicked + The Divine, their latest masterpiece theatre of a series, is literally about popstars as gods. This latest issue perhaps illustrates this fascination of capturing the spirit of music on the static page more than ever, as well as really helping define more strongly just what exactly the comics Imperial Phase is all[...]
Kieron Gillen's Spotlight At San Diego – This Time He's Bringing His Mum
And of course, who better to pull the details of his rise in popularity and success than his longtime partner in creativity, Jamie McKelvie. We start with a big cheer from a roomful of The Wicked + The Divine fans, followed by Jamie and Kieron taking their seats to be awarded by Comic-Con International for their[...]
And Finally… A Wicked + A Divine Pole Dance Show In A Comic Store
And last month they held a The Wicked + The Divine pole dance show based on the comic by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie published by Image about gods manifested as pop cultural icons. Madylene Hatter posted her pole performance from the store, performing as Tara, on YouTube.. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Tara WicDiv Pole[...]
Cover Story: The Carnage + The Divine
A look ahead at Todd Nauck's Phantom variant cover for Carnage #1, again modelled on Todd McFarlane's cover to Amazing Spider-Man #300. Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie's The Wicked + The Divine #16 will feature a variant cover by Shutter artist Leila del Duca.   A look ahead at Todd Nauck's Phantom variant cover for Carnage #1, again[...]
And Finally – Ways To Explain Your Search Engine History No. 247
I've just been googling around North London schools to try and work out where Sakhmet would have been to for a flashback, and so what uniform she'd be wearing." – Kieron Gillen talking about clothing choices in The Wicked + The Divine. That's what he'll be telling the London Met when they knock his door down. [...]
The Florence + The Machine
This is Florence Welch off of Florence And The Machine, who recently admirably stood in for the Foo Fighters at Glastonbury. And this is Amaterasu, from The Wicked + The Divine. From NME, Recently, the creators of my favourite comic, Phonogram, published a new series called The Wicked + The Divine It took Phonogram's premise – that music[...]
Top 3 Image Picks Releasing This Week
[**Mild Spoilers below!] The Wicked + The Divine #11 Not only is this the best issue of the week but it's the best issue in the series so far as written by Kieron Gillen and drawn by Jamie McKelvie Death god Baphomet is on the warpath and his next attempt at stealing a fellow god's life force[...]
The 7 Coolest Image Titles You Should Be Reading
Similar to have the TV show "The Flash," is "the fun one", Chrononauts has everything you want in the comic book medium for when you get tired of dark and broody. 2.) The Wicked + The Divine Self-described as "gods as the ultimate pop stars", in this modern superhero fantasy created by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, and[...]
Cover Story: The Wicked + The Divine + Jupiter's Circle + Secret Wars
Here's the Fiona Staples variant cover for The Wicked + The Divine #11, just in time for FOC… While Jupiter's Circle #3 gets a couple of variants, both from Frank Quitely I understand that Death Sentence #1 London will be getting a Gifts For Geeks variant while Minions #1 will have a Books-A-Million variant. But for Secret Wars? Well, we[...]
The Bleed 2.15 – Reading The Wicked + The Divine With Sara Moni And Anwar Newton
That means we get to meet IN THE FLESH! Sara and Anwar came by Joe's house to discuss costumes, drugs, THAT X-MEN ISSUE, and of course… the pick of the week, the Wicked + the Divine by the creative team of Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Matt Wilson and Clayton Cowles. What did we think of the book? Well, that'd be spoiling[...]
Cover Variance: The Wicked + The Convergence
Work out from these what you can. Here's the 1:25 cover from Star Wars: Kadan: The Last Padawan #1 coming out from Marvel next week and already sold out online… written by the Gargoyles/Star Wars Rebels guy and everything! Collector's Paradise has a Bloodshot Reboorn exclusive variant… And here's the Frazer Irving cover for the second print of The Wicked[...]
Swipe File: The Wicked + The Divine + Doctor Who
From yesterday's The Wicked + The Divine by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, the immortal god who's always got a party in his head With a hilarious You Only Live Forever T-shirt, Will it be part of a The Wicked + The Divine spinoff line? Well, it may have some competition… Of course that's not entirely official[...]
Bleeding Cool's Best Publisher Of 2014
Month after month, they launched quality comics such as Deadly Class, Minimum Wage, Egos, The Fuse, Undertow, Revenger, Apocalypse Al, Mercenary Sea, One Hit Wonder, Real Heroes, Sovereign, Starlight, Noah, Tales Of Honor, Southern Bastards, The Field, Shutter, Dream Police, Self Obsessed, Genesis, Shotgun Wedding, MPH, C.O.W.L., Madame Frankenstein, Nailbiter, Rise Of The Magi, Trees, Outcast,[...]
The Wicked + The Divine Beats Out Spawn #250 On Advance Reorders
The Christian Ward emergency variant cover of The Wicked + The Divine #7 has boosted it to the top of the advance reorder charts, ahead of The Valiant, Spawn and Rumble. TOP 25 ADVANCE REORDER COMICS/GRAPHIC NOVELS/TPs (RETAIL) Product Price Publisher WICKED & DIVINE #7 CVR B WARD (MR) $3.50 IMA THE VALIANT #2 (OF 4) CVR A RIVERA $3.99 VAL SPAWN #250 CVR A MCFARLANE $5.99 IMA RUMBLE[...]
A Comic Show – Harley Holidays For Our Bitch Planet!
Cocaine AND it's a The Wicked + The Divine tie-in! For reals. Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes: Hey Fandom! I'm back with another stack of new comics now! We've got Holiday Harley Quinn, a bunch of Spider books, and Image domination! The Harley Quinn Holiday Special is quality work If you are[...]