Winner Of The Dynamite Charity Contest

It's time to announce the winner of the Dynamite Charity Contest where the winner, having written a small essay about one of the charities being featured in the Humble Dynamite 10th Anniversary Bundle and why they are worth supporting.

At this point over 21,000 bundles have been sold, making more than $246,000.00. That money is split between Dynamite, Humble Bundle and the three charities: The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, Doctors Without Borders and The Make A Wish Foundation. How the money is split is decided on by each person who purchases the bundle as well as the amount they pay.

The bundle is still available until Wednesday July 9th here.

Now on to the winner…

RossLeeThe winner of the Dynamite Charity Contest and the soon to be recipient of an Alex Ross The Shadow #1 sketch cover and a Jae Lee The Shadow #1 sketch cover (not the exact one shown in the picture) is…..

Bill Priestley from Schaumburg, IL.

We got a lot of great essays and it was hard to choose just one, but Bill's just stood out a little more than the others. Here is Bill's essay about the Make A Wish Foundation:

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a charity that does wonders.  It inspires people who need help, family members, volunteers, and bystanders alike. They work wonders on a national level, with examples like Batkid where he is given the day and the city of San Francisco to help fight crime. They also work small wonders every day like helping a 9 year old girl named Guadalupe who just wanted bunk beds and a Hello Kitty themed bedroom. I think the amazing thing about this charity is that it inspires on every level. The idea of the organization is incredibly kind hearted, the volunteers who put in the elbow work are motivational, and usually even the wishes are heartwarming.  Miles Scott (Batkid) Make-A-Wish was basically to help people because that is what Batman does best. How inspiring is that?  A small child who can wish for whatever he wants and his wish is to help others. That could not tug at ones heart any harder.

What separates the Make-A-Wish Foundation from  the rest is not good intentions or amazing volunteers, but how simple the concept is. Everyone has bad days, everyone has good days, and by and far everyone has 'ok' days. How many truly great days does a human have in their life? I can think of only a handful I've experienced, but just reading about every single Make-A-Wish granted I can imagine how grateful the recipient is.  The best day of our lives is what makes us happy, is reflected on a lot, and helps make the future brighter hoping that one day it can be topped. This is a day that they will think of every day for the rest of their lives and that is priceless. Providing someone the best day of their life and a brighter outlook on life is hard, but it is what Make-A-Wish does. It is also a message that resounds in all of us. Whether it moves us to volunteer for Make-A-Wish, help in some other aspect, or simply holding the elevator for a stranger just hearing about Make-A-Wish and the great work they do motivates me to try and make someone else's day better.

Support for the Make-A-Wish Foundation is important. I view their mission as a snowball effect. The more support they receive in terms of fiscal donations or manual assistance, the more that they can do. The more that gets done the more the word gets out. So not only by supporting the Make-A-Wish foundation are you helping individuals who have had a tragic turn in their life forget about their problems for a day, you're giving them hope. That hope inspires others, who in turn inspire others. That is my favorite part about Make-A-Wish Foundation is that their message and principles are contagious.  This is not to say any other charity is not deserving of support, there are many great charities out there. But to find a charity that can give someone going through the worst time of their lives and give them the best day of their lives while inspiring others is a great thing.

Congratulations Bill, and great job.

And for those interested, here is a list of all the books you get on the Humble Dynamite 10th Anniversary Bundle if you choose to pay over $15.00 and the average price.

Project Superpowers vol. 1 (0-7) Collection
Jungle Girl Omnibus (0-5, 1-5) Collection
Miss Fury vol. 1 Collection
Vampirella Masters vol. 1: MORRISON/MILLAR Collection
Vampirella Masters vol. 2: ELLIS Collection
Vampirella Masters vol. 4: MOORE Collection
Vampirella vs. Fluffy (one-shot) periodical
Mocking Dead Collection
My Little Phony (one-shot) periodical
Sherlock Holmes: Trial vol. 1 Collection
Kevin Smith's Green Hornet vol. 1 Collection
Kevin Smith's Green Hornet vol. 2 Collection
Cryptozoic Man #1-4 periodical
Red Sonja: Queen of Plagues vol. 1 Collection
Amanda Hocking's The Hollowland Collection
Pathfinder: Dark Waters Rising vol. 1 Collection
George RR Martin's: Wild Cards Collection
Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time #1-35 (36 issues total) periodical
Chaos #1 periodical
Legenderry #1-3 periodical
Shadow Midnight in Moscow #1 periodical
Jim Butcher's Dresden Files: War Cry #1 periodical
Dynamite Art of Alex Ross

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