Wolverine's Return In 2018 Is… Classified

July 31st, 2018 sees the collection of something currently being referred to by Marvel Comics as "Classified Prelude". With an ISBN number of  9781302912659, numbercrunchers, it looks like it will follow the Marvel pattern of collecting a number of issues that lead up to… something. 176 page for $19.99, its nature is a mystery.

Except in August 2018's schedules, we get a clue, with the volume Wolverine: Classified. An ISBN number of  9781302912000, and out a week later on August 7th, it's a larger $34.99 for 208 pages.

I think this is the return of Wolverine. Whatever he was up to in Legacy #1, collecting Infinity Stones. And something that may tie into the upcoming Infinity series, that Marvel will be counting down to from February, with Adam Warlock and the Guardians Of The Galaxy.

And Thanos, obviously.

More to com,e as and when it does.



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