"Worse Problems Than Boy Problems" Advance Review Of Snotgirl #2

The first issue of Snotgirl took me by surprise. I surrendered myself to the girly content, knowing that the comic was honest with it's intent. Towards the later half of the first issue, I realized that Snotgirl was much more than just a comic about a fashion blogger. This week brings the release of Snotgirl #2, from Image comics, written by Bryan Lee O'Malley, with art by Leslie Hung.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 12.19.02 PM


Things were going pretty well for fashion blogger Lottie, that is, until she ran into her ex-boyfriend cuddling up to her ex-intern in the last issue. But what about her new friend Coolgirl? Surely that's a reason to stay positive? Well, until she accidentally killed her. What started as a small incident in the bathroom, quickly escalated, throwing Lottie into a second issue of pure panic. I applaud Bryan Lee O'Malley for keeping the air of suspense alive in this issue. It's a hard thing to have brightly colored, happy looking pages, and still manage to keep your reader in a state of caution.

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Now, onto my thoughts on the boogers. I'm here to tell you that they do serve a purpose. As the world perceives this character as a perfect person, she is in fact very human. I like having that consistent reminder throughout the comic. I also want to touch on the comedy throughout the comic. Sure, there are a lot of moments that are realistic in the plot, but I think O'Malley takes things to a girl-y extreme for the sake of comedy. If that's his intention, I enjoy it and respect it.

Overall, the second issue was a well balanced one. The ending kept me guessing and I think I'll be adding Snotgirl onto my pull-list for sure. Be sure to grab your issue of Snotgirl #2 when it releases tomorrow, Wednesday August 24th.