X Pieces Of X-Men Gossip For Destiny Of X (Spoilers)

Not all X-Men gossip can be relegated to Mister Sinister's Red Diamond gossip sheet from Bar Sinister. Especially now we know he only gets it all by peeking ahead.  Because, hey, Bleeding Cool can play that game too, without having to kill off chimaera clones of ourselves and Moira Mactaggert.

Second Krakoan Age Of X-Men Announced - Destiny Of X Titles
X Pieces Of X-Men Gossip For Destiny Of X (Spoilers)
  1. Orra Serrata only has eyes for you. Or an eye for you.
  2. In Knights, the X stands for the ten members required by the quest. Oh gosh, oh golly, oh wow.
  3. In Legion…. well he has more personalities than ten. X is for the unknown.
  4. In Red, Thunderbird isn't joining an X-Men team, but a new Brotherhood, Vulcan is back to his old self. And Petra and Sway were never real.
  5. In Green, Nature Girl will be getting another nrw look.
  6. In Force Quentin Quire has gone AWOL. Maybe X marks the spot? Nightcrawler is also missing Gambit. Maybe because he's on Otherworld?
  7. Courtney Ross was the 616 version of Saturnyne, and the girlfriend of Brian Braddock, before being murdered by and impersonated by another multidimensional doppelganger,  Sat-Yr-Nin. But once upon a time, Saturnyne was also Courtney Ross.
  8. Talking of precogs, Blindfold has only just been resurrected thanks to Moira Mactaggert;'s former ban on resurrecting precogs. Though Psylocke seemed to get a pass. When Psylocke was first introduced she was as a precog, something now forgotten about. But not by one of the many Captain Britains.
  9. The Altar is a mutant-only pocket dimension. The Starlight Citadel is the Lunatic Citadel. One book will give us back the Seige Perilous, the other the Circle Perilous. Either way, there is a lot perilous to go around…
  10. Chris Claremont is coming to Krakoa.

X-Men comic books, in a variety of flavours, are published by Marvel Comics in print and digitally. Since 2018, they have revolved around the island of Krakoa in a new direction launched by Jonathan Hickman. But now it is everyone's to play for…

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