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Okay, Let's Try And Make This Chris Claremont Story Go Viral As Well
And while I am sure some people objected to his comments, most commentary I saw was people objecting to the fact that some people objected to his comments. But Chris Claremont also attended Seattle convention ECCC, where he stopped by the table for current Excalibur/Knights Of X writer Tini Howard Now it is no secret that[...]
Tini Howard On Betsy Braddock And Rachel Summers As Girlfriends
Tini Howard and Bob Quinn's Knights Of X #4 began dealing with the death of Gambit in Otherworld – which means if he gets resurrected, he will come back wrong We are told to look forward to the final issue, Knights Of X #5 in four weeks' time for the conclusion of that particular strand. But[...]
But in this preview of Knights of X #4, all hope is not yet lost Check out the preview below. Knights of X #4 by Tini Howard & Bob Quinn, cover by Yanick Paquette BRAVE THROUGH THE DARKNESS! With Arthur and his army on their heels, all but one of the Knights of X have made it to[...]
Knights Of X Ends With #5, But Will Return, In Some Form
Writer Tini Howard has written in her Substack on the future of the X-Men comic book Knights Of X written by her and drawn by Bob Quinn, which has had no solicitations listed since Knights Of X #5 – and the trade paperback of the first five issues having no Volume number. You're all loving the[...]
Marvel Comics
But the Immortality of the mutants is more prominent in X-Men #12, also out today, while underlined in Knights of X #3 as well Spoilers ahead for all three, so be warned going in We are going to talk about death and life. As Daily Bugle reporter gets his scoop back, with Cyclops and Synch not[...]
Marvel Comics
And with Brian Braddock chosen as this reality's Captain Britain. It's a small note, but it pops up in passing during today's Knights Of X #2, as Rachel Summers goes up against the Furies Who identity her as being unique in Otherworld with no additional selves – an anomaly. Knights Of X #2 Of course, maybe game recognises[...]
X-Men Solicits
This June, Marvel will kill off a character in Knights of X #3, by Tini Howard and Bob Quinn The recently-revealed solicit tells us, "Their quest required ten knights to begin, but no one said anything about the end A knight dies here – and the hateful quest goes on." In the Krakoan era, death[...]
Knights Of X and X-Force Teasers For X-Men's Destiny Of X
Tini Howard has been sharing words about Secret X-Men, Excalibur, Knights Of X and Catwoman on her Substack Including defining Knights Of X with Bob Quinn as the Otherworld X-Men comic. "the spiritual and literal successor to EXCALIBUR It's all Otherworld, all the time It's got girls, gays, Bei, and more than a few Saturday Morning[...]
Knights Of X and X-Force Teasers For X-Men's Destiny Of X
Marvel issued the following teasers for X-Force and Knights Of X as seen in yesterday's X-Force and Excalibur, with the confirmed creative teams First that "The Fate Of Otherworld is in danger in new Destiny Of X title Knights Of X! Writer Tini Howard and artist Bob Quinn begin a new quest of mutants and[...]
Knights Of X and X-Force Teasers For X-Men's Destiny Of X
As we teased a couple of times yesterday, from today's X-Force and Excalibur published by Marvel Comics.   Knights Of X and X-Force Teasers For X-Men's Destiny Of X X-Force #1 looks like it will continue from the current X-Force comics, and probably written by Benjamin Percy We will have members Wolverine, Deadpool, Omega Red, Colossus, Forge, Domino, and The Beast[...]
Second Krakoan Age Of X-Men Announced - Destiny Of X Titles
Bleeding Cool gets the word that the teased Knights Of X series from Marvel, as part of the Destiny Of X books, will indeed continue on from Excalibur in the Krakoan X-Men line But more so, just as Excalibur has ventured into Otherworld, the supernatural fairy world that both Merlyn and Captain Britain originate –[...]
Second Krakoan Age Of X-Men Announced - Destiny Of X Titles
They promised us the big announcement for the X-Men titles today and, as the New York offices were shutting up for the night, someone over there went and pressed the button for Destiny Of X, with this image from Leinil Yu and Sunny Gho. The titles are Immortal X-Men, Marauders, X-Force, Knights Of X, X-Men, Legion[...]