Diamond Says 20th May For New Comics From Marvel, Image, IDW and More.

Diamond Says 20th May For New Marvel Comics, Image, IDW and More

Now here is everything from Marvel, Image, IDW, Boom, Dark Horse, Action Lab, Oni Press, Titan, Vault, Zenescope and more, also from Diamond.DARK HORSE ART OF GUILD WARS COMPLETE ARENANET 20TH ANN ED HC (C: 1-1-2 05/20/20DARK HORSE BANG #1 (OF 5) 3RD PTG 05/20/20DARK HORSE BLACKWOOD MOURNING AFTER #3 (OF 4) CVR A FISH 05/27/20DARK HORSE BLACKWOOD MOURNING AFTER #3 (OF[...]

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Zenescope Announces Virtual Comic Con, Wants Comic Shops to Profit

Kaleidoko, Experience Level Entertainment, Legion M, and Collider are putting on a Wondercon replacement, but one publisher has more recent experience in doing such things, Zenescope Zenescope Entertainment is running its second online comic convention this year It is scheduled for Wednesday to Saturday, April 15th to April 18th, noon to 5pm each day Zenescope's[...]

Zenesceope's Panel at C2E2 Provided Insights into the Publisher’s Origin Story

Zenescope's Panel at C2E2 Provided Insights into the Publisher's Origin Story

The 15 Years of Zenescope panel at C2E2 2020 didn’t include any announcements of upcoming books or insights into future projects However, it featured the co-creator of the company Ralph Tedesco and his insights into how the publishing company got its humble beginnings 15 years ago Additionally, the panel featured the Zenescope and Marvel cover[...]

Zenescope Unveils Bishouju-Style Grimm Fairy Tales Statue

Zenescope Entertainment made their mark on the comic industry by tapping into the public domain and spinning up a Grimm Fairy Tales series that took the character of Snow White and made her a guardian of the realms Named Sela Mathers, the character got a more modern and very comic book like make-over as did[...]

Robyn Hood, Belle, and Peek a Boo Reach Their Finales: Zenescope June 2018 Solicits

Miniseries Robyn Hood: The Curse, Belle: Beast Hunter, and Peek a Boo reach their respective finales this June. This is in addition to their series such as Grimm Fairy Tales, Musketeers, and GFT: Tales of Terror. Full details below. APR181883 GRIMM FAIRY TALES #19 (W) Joe Brusha (CA) Geebo Vigonte Skye takes on the Red Knight, but there is someone pulling his […]

Jasmine Crown of Kings Begins: Zenescope May 2018 Solicits

Plus, Zenescope's Van Helsing Versus volumes are getting re-released These can be found in the publisher's May 2018 solicits Details below.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="800705,800706,800707,800708"]MAR182108 JASMINE CROWN OF KINGS #1 (OF 5) (W) Howard Mackie (CA) Igor Vitorino New Series Starts Here! When a fiery explosion erupts in the ancient city of Petra, Jasmine races against the terrorist group THE FORTY THIEVES to[...]

Grimm Fairy Tales' Tales of Terror and Dance of the Dead: Zenescope March 2018 Solicits

Grimm Fairy Tales: Tales of Terror, by Joe Brusha and Eric J, the Dance of the Dead TPB, by Anne Toole, Enn, and Fritz Casas, are coming out in March of 2018 by Zenescope Plus, Robyn Hood, Peek a Boo, and Musketeers continue their runs More details below.[gallery ids="764732,764733,764734"]JAN182105 GFT TALES OF TERROR VOL 4 #1 (W) Joe Brusha (CA) Eric J The hit Zenescope horror series is back, and not only[...]

New And Improved

'New And Improved' Takes A Look At The Downside Of Immortality

Anthony Spay writes for Bleeding Cool: The great Freddie Mercury once asked, "Who wants to live forever?", which seems like a silly question. Really, though, who WOULDN'T want to live forever?  But what if any time you got injured, from the tiniest of papercuts to a bullet to the head, that injury would never heal? […]

Van Helsing season 2

First Look At SYFY's Van Helsing Season 2

It was inspired by the Zenescope Entertainment comic Helsing.When the series was picked up for a second season, showrunner Neil LaBute said released this statement: "It’s with great pleasure and extreme excitement that all of us involved with Van Helsing receive the news of a pick-up for a second season, especially this early in our initial run[...]

1001 Arabian Nights: Adventures Of Sinbad – 24 Trades Of Christmas

Back in the mid-2000's I got asked by Zenescope Entertainment to do up a new take on the classic 1001 Arabian Nights character of Sinbad They gave me one note on a direction.. Captain Jack Sparrow meets James Bond... and they gave me a bald, tattooed Sinbad designed by Gustavo Vazquez I got to work[...]

Syfy Renews The Zenescope Inspired Series Van Helsing

Inspired by the Zenescope Entertainment character, the series stars Kelly Overton as Vanessa Helsing, humanity's last hope in a world dominated by Vampires In a unique twist, Helsing is not only immune to being turned, but her blood can turn a vampire back into a human.Showrunner Neil LaBute had this to say about the renewal: We have[...]

A Look Inside Syfy's New Van Helsing Series

Based on the Zenescope Entertainment comic, the series is set in a future where vampires rule and humans are nothing but cattle.. until Vanessa Van Helsing (Kelly Overton) wakes up The pilot premiered early in September, but it was re-shown last night along with the second episode.Below we have inside looks about the first two episodes,[...]

Zenescope Launches Evil Heroes From Joe Brusha And Eric J

Zenescope are launching a superhero team comic - but one that's a little more Crime Syndicate than Justice League.Evil Heroes is a six issue limited series by Joe Brusha and Eric J. With great power.. comes great corruption Superheroes are real They walk the earth as gods among men But the fairy tales of them protecting mankind and[...]

President's Day Variant Covers?

Zenescope Entertainment, a company I have done a lot of writing for, has a daily special on their webpage where you can get exclusive variants and prints Today offers up a lovely Valetine's variant by Franchesco, two Super Bowl themed prints by eBas (one for each team that played) and then finally this special 200 print[...]

Next Week… I'll Be At London Super Comic Con. Will You?

Browne, Ryan Jenkyns Sabine Rich, Sean O'Conner, Sebastian von Buchwald Simon Birks, Solo Endeavour, Sonesh Joshi Comics, Steven D Quirke, Laura Braga, Paolo Pantalena, Tanya Roberts, The Art of Tommy Castle, The Heart of Time, The Rogues Gallery Creation of a Super Villain,The Wildlands and WJC.And the exhibitors will include Bleeding Cool's owners Avatar Press (with publisher William Christensen manning the booth), CGC, Comic Geek Speak, Markosia, Comicana Direct, 2000AD,[...]

The Enormous Party List Of SDCC 2015

$30-$100 8pmZenescope Entertainment's 10th Anniversary Party, hosted by Echo Lake 8-11:30 pm., Level 9 Rooftop Bar & Lounge, Hotel Indigo, 509 Ninth Ave RSVP required.HitFix Comic-Con Kick-Off Party 9 pm, Hotel Solamar, 435 Sixth Ave RSVP required. The Art of Mortal Kombat IX & X / Star Wars Art Free Rob Kaz Art and Rodel Gonzalez[...]