Zenescope Entertainment Ditches San Diego Comic-Con for Beach Con

As the entertainment industry prepares for a digital San Diego Comic-Con in an effort to avoid spreading the ultimate con crud, rogue publisher Zenescope Entertainment refuses to play by the rules. The Horsham publisher, founded by Joe Brusha (formerly known by stage name Joe Tyler) and Ralph Tedesco, has long been an outlier in the comics community. Though they have been pigeonholed for their fairy tale adaptations and sexualized covers, the publisher has been building an interconnected superhero universe beyond the pin-up style images they use to market their titles. They are now offering, with the Zenescope Virtual Beach Con, a chance to look beyond the bikinis associated with their content for a deep dive into what Zenescope actually represents.

Zenescope's ad for Virtual Beach Con. Credit: Zenescope Entertainment.
Zenescope's ad for Virtual Beach Con. Credit: Zenescope Entertainment.

Pledging to "bring the beach to you," the renegade publisher wrote:

We'll be unveiling brand new limited edition collectible covers and prints that would have only debuted during San Diego CC! There will be raffles, giveaways, and creator panels & interviews. Panels include: "The Ladies of Zenescope" Cover Artist Round Table and "Breaking the Story" with Zenescope's writing team. It'll all culminate with a Luau celebration on July 18th at 3pm EST!
Special Guests include Zenescope cover artists Sean Chen (Batman Beyond), Dawn McTeigue, Sun Khamunaki, Jason Cardy, Sabine Rich, and Jason Metcalf!

They go on to post their schedule for Zenescope Virtual Beach Con to Facebook:

July 16 at 12PM:

Day 1 of our Virtual Beach Con includes guest appearances by Jason Metcalf and Sean Chen and much more!

July 17 at 12PM:

Day 2 of our Virtual Beach Con includes a special guest appearance by Jason Cardy and "Breaking the Story" with Ralph Tedesco and Dave Franchini.

July 18 at 12PM:

The final day of our Virtual Beach Con includes a a special roundtable panel with Dawn McTeigue, Sabine Rich, and Sun Khamunaki!

Ralph Tedesco, who once served as Editor-in-Chief, has written for the company for years, creating such titles as Hit ListCourier, and Van Helsing, which was adapted by SyFy in their ongoing TV show. Ralph chimed in on Twitter about the event, which will illuminate their process for aspiring writers, fans of their content, and very likely people on Twitter looking for something to be mad about:

Zenescope Exec Editor,Dave Franchini, and I will walk you thru how we break stories for our books as well as the process of script to print.

Internet personality Mark Waid once said of the publisher's content, right here on Bleeding Cool: "Who's buying these? I'm sure the people doing them are awesome, are great, but the covers are like they are for people who don't realize yet that the internet is for porn." This past year, Zenescope Entertainment celebrated its fifteenth year in business, so it seems that someone is, indeed, buying those. Take a look behind the Curtain of Cheesecake and find out why this weekend on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch.

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