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Adam F. Goldberg & Hans Rodionoff Talk Today's New Comic Possessive
Goldberg, showrunner and writer of The Goldbergs and Schooled, is teaming up with writer/producer Hans Rodionoff for a new comic book hitting shelves today from Zenescope Entertainment. Possessive #1 kicks off Goldberg and Rodionoff's latest series, a horror-comedy with a fun and unique premise While Goldberg is celebrated for his TV work, he's also becoming known as[...]
Grimm Fairy Tales Hits #50 Again in Zenescope's June 2021 Releases
Zenescope Entertainment is hitting a rare indie comics milestone for the second time Their long-running Grimm Fairy Tales, which launched in 2005 as Zenescope's first release and ran for 125 issues before rebooting with a new Grimm Fairy Tales #1 in 2017, is hitting the fifty-issue milestone again This issue will bring the current arc to[...]
Full Details for Tonight’s Shroomish Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO
This April, Pennsylvania-based publisher Zenescope Entertainment will release the horror/comedy title Man Goat & the Bunny Man Each of the writers behind this wild concept also has a larger role at Zenescope, so today I talked to Ralph Tedesco (co-writer, c0-Founder, and Zenescope's VP of Film & Television), Dave Franchini (co-writer, editor on many of their[...]
Rapper and Reaction Scru Face Jean: YouTube Creator Spotlight
Credit: Zenescope Entertainment The story follows Robyn Hood, one of Zenescope's best titles and most recognizable characters in a vampire hunt The story is tailor-made for the longtime fan, with multiple references to the main series, including shoutouts to once-mainstay characters such as Marian as well as other Zenescope titles, like Van Helsing Written by Dave Franchini[...]
Zenescope Debut Grimm Spotlight In February 2021 Solicitations
Following their recent announcement of a shift to one-shots and annuals, Zenescope Entertainment is debuting their February 2021 solicitations here at Bleeding Cool This month of releases from the Pennsylvania-based publisher will include the release of a new title, Grimm Spotlight, as well as the conclusion to their first-ever series to make the cover of Previews[...]
Zenescope Entertainment Announces Retailer Program for 2021
Zenescope Entertainment has officially announced a major change to its 2021 publishing program as well as an initiative to work alongside retailers This year, the publisher, which celebrates its fifteenth anniversary, will shift the structure of its interconnected Grimm Universe The Grimm Universe, an interconnected series of stories made up of the company's flagship title[...]
Everything Pokémon GO Players Need to Know About Alolan Marowak
Comics publisher Zenescope Entertainment has had a few of their Grimm Fairy Tales spinoffs become breakout hits for them, including Wonderland, Robyn Hood, and especially Van Helsing. Van Helsing, which tells the tale of steampunk vampire hunter Liesel Van Helsing, daughter of the icon from Bram Stoker's novel, has been adapted into a post-apocalyptic thriller by SyFy and has[...]
Shadow Service #2 Review:
Credit: Zenescope Entertainment Up until now, Conspiracy has been structured like some of Zenescope Entertainment's previous anthology series, such as Grimm Tales of Terror and early issues of Grimm Fairy Tales before it became a superhero epic This issue brings elements of all the previous standalone stories into a story that functions both as the series' ultimate payoff[...]
Zenescope Announce Movie Night & Clerks Roundtable with Cast
Zenescope Entertainment, the Pennsylvania-based comic book publisher, known for Grimm Fairy Tales and Robyn Hood, hosted their Virtual Cosplay Con this weekend The competition, which can be watched here, featured popular cosplayers as judges where fans of their comics showed off costumes ranging from Angel's Illyria to an original take on Pokémon's Misty to some of Zenescope own[...]