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All Guts, No Glory Leads Zenescope's November 2021 Solicits
The company's new Editor-in-Chief David Wohl writes an oversized The Black Knight one-shot, Joe Brusha continues his Robyn Hood run, Pat Shand concludes the current Van Helsing arc, and Dave Franchini continues on both Belle and the ongoing flagship Grimm Fairy Tales title. All Guts, No Glory #1 cover[...]
Grimm Fairy Tales Hits #50 Again in Zenescope's June 2021 Releases
Their long-running Grimm Fairy Tales, which launched in 2005 as Zenescope's first release and ran for 125 issues before rebooting with a new Grimm Fairy Tales #1 in 2017, is hitting the fifty-issue milestone again This issue will bring the current arc to a close in Zenescope's June 2021 releases, which will also see the return[...]
Dragon Clan Leads Zenescope Entertainment's May Releases
The Pennsylvania-based publisher known for the long-running Grimm Fairy Tales dark fantasy comic and Van Helsing, the comic that the SyFy original TV series is based on, has changed its method of publishing this year While Grimm Fairy Tales remains ongoing, the other series in the interconnected Grimm Universe, such as Belle, Robyn Hood, and Van Helsing, will continue[...]
Epic Meal Time's Harley Morenstein: YouTube Creator Spotlight
Belle: Horns of the Minotaur continues the ongoing adventures of Zenescope's Batman, a monster hunter set in their expanded Grimm Fairy Tales Universe Written by Dave Franchini who has scripted every issue of Belle so far, penciled by Raffaele Forte, inked by Sara Ianniello, colored by Juan Manuel Rodriguez, and lettered by Kurt Hathaway, this one-shot is part of Zenescope's new plan[...]
Rapper and Reaction Scru Face Jean: YouTube Creator Spotlight
Previous years have seen the issue released as Grimm Fairy Tales Holiday Special 2011, 2012, 2013, and so on Other titles got the treatment instead, with Robyn Hood getting her own toward the end of the ongoing series' run in certain years Now, this one is a bit different The Grimm Fairy Tales 2020 Holiday[...]
Zenescope Debut Grimm Spotlight In February 2021 Solicitations
Lord of Flies Joe Brusha (W) ONE-SHOT • 40 PAGES • FC • $5.99 • TEEN The first-ever Grimm Fairy Tales character spotlight features the return of Peyton Parks (a.k.a the Black Knight) in a stand-alone story She battles the Mysterious Lord of the Flies in a fight that takes her far from home and into the madness[...]
Deadpool #7 Review:
While Zenescope shifts most of their publishing schedule to one-shot stories told in annuals and quarterlies, Grimm Fairy Tales remains as their one monthly title This long-running series, the company's flagship, is now on the 42nd issue of its second iteration Let's see how this issue, which brings Baba Yaga back into the fold, plays out. Grimm[...]
Zenescope Entertainment Announces Retailer Program for 2021
The Grimm Universe, an interconnected series of stories made up of the company's flagship title Grimm Fairy Tales and its spinoffs such as Robyn Hood and Van Helsing, will no longer be released as miniseries Rather, Zenescope will focus on releasing unnumbered, oversized quarterlies and annuals featured standalone stories. Belle promotional graphic Zenescope Entertainment. Joe Brusha, Zenescope's President and,[...]
Everything Pokémon GO Players Need to Know About Alolan Marowak
Comics publisher Zenescope Entertainment has had a few of their Grimm Fairy Tales spinoffs become breakout hits for them, including Wonderland, Robyn Hood, and especially Van Helsing. Van Helsing, which tells the tale of steampunk vampire hunter Liesel Van Helsing, daughter of the icon from Bram Stoker's novel, has been adapted into a post-apocalyptic thriller by SyFy and has[...]
Van Helsing & Cinderella Annuals Lead Zenescope's November Solicits
As their relaunch of Grimm Fairy Tales, which began with a new #1 after a landmark 125th issue, reaches its 43rd issue, other key characters in the company's shared Grimm Universe receive one-shots and annuals The Van Helsing and Cinderella annuals are almost graphic novel-sized themselves, reaching over sixty pages We have been keeping an eye on publishers[...]
Belle, a Grimm Superhero, Leads Zenescope's October 2020 Solicitations
The publisher, known for the long-running Grimm Fairy Tales, Robyn Hood, and Van Helsing series, the last of which is the basis for Syfy's TV series of the same name, are using this format to reintroduce old titles and keep current series fresh Now, back from their Virtual Beach Con, Zenescope has released its October 2020[...]
Grimm Fairy Tales 2020 Annual Review: Modern Comics for Vintage Fans
Search "Zenescope" on Twitter, and you'll find a comics community, with professionals included, that assume Zenescope Entertainment's Grimm Fairy Tales is… well, fully porn It's understandable to an extent, with the covers that lean heavy on the J Scott Campbell, aesthetic Founders Ralph Tedesco and Joe Brusha have spoken at length about how said covers are a marketing technique[...]