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Zenescope's Joe Brusha Talks Man Goat & the Bunnyman and Cthulhu
Zenescope Entertainment's Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco joined Bleeding Cool today to talk about the next installment of the company's horror/comedy title, Man Goat & the Bunnyman Man Goat & the Bunnyman returns this week with the second volume, titles Green Eggs & BLAM! Let's see what Joe and Ralph had to say about this new[...]
All Guts, No Glory Leads Zenescope's November 2021 Solicits
Zenescope's November 2021's offerings include All Guts, No Glory from writer Ralph Tedesco which imagines the life of a clean-up guy in a world where monsters exist The company's new Editor-in-Chief David Wohl writes an oversized The Black Knight one-shot, Joe Brusha continues his Robyn Hood run, Pat Shand concludes the current Van Helsing arc, and Dave Franchini continues on both Belle[...]
Grimm Fairy Tales Hits #50 Again in Zenescope's June 2021 Releases
This issue will bring the current arc to a close in Zenescope's June 2021 releases, which will also see the return of Hercules Payne once co-written by Eisner winner Chuck Brown and the conclusion of the comedy comic Man Goat & the Bunny Man from Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, and Dave Franchini. Grimm Fairy Tales #50[...]
Dragon Clan Leads Zenescope Entertainment's May Releases
Something deadly is coming for our favorite vigilante-archer, and Robyn is going to be in a fight for her soul when she takes on the mysterious Voodoo Dawn! 32-pages of kickass-action packed all in one book! Van Helsing: Steampunk Story by Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, & Dave Franchini OVERSIZED ISSUE ONE-SHOT • 40 PAGES • FC • $5.99[...]
Full Details for Tonight’s Shroomish Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO
Each of the writers behind this wild concept also has a larger role at Zenescope, so today I talked to Ralph Tedesco (co-writer, c0-Founder, and Zenescope's VP of Film & Television), Dave Franchini (co-writer, editor on many of their other titles), and Joe Brusha (co-writer, co-Founder, President) about this upcoming comic, the state of comedy, and more. Man[...]
Horror/Comedy Man Goat & The Bunny Man Leads Zenescope April Titles
This includes their flagship titles Grimm Fairy Tales, Robyn Hood, Van Helsing, and Wonderland, as well as relatively newer titles like Mystere and Belle. However, they have also released their fair share of comedy books, including Hollywood Zombie Apocalypse by writer Ralph Tedesco and even a webseries called Comic Company that mixed a mockumentary, The Office-inspired style with some zany fantasy elements[...]
Zenescope Entertainment Announces Retailer Program for 2021
Zenescope Entertainment. Joe Brusha, Zenescope's President and, along with Ralph Tedesco, one of the creators who takes part in plotting nearly every comic that the company publishes, spoke on this upcoming shift to their slate Brusha said: "We will continue to publish a limited number of mini-series each year, but those will be stories that fall outside of[...]
Shadow Service #2 Review:
Goldberg script from a plot by Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, and Dave Franchini, and this writers' room-style storytelling pays off well with Conspiracy: Planet X Like previous issues, this is a well-balanced mixture of psychological terror, sci-fi intrigue, and emotional, character-based storytelling. Longtime Zenescope artist Allan Otero has never been better than on Conspiracy. He has always been a talented artist when[...]
The Courier & Robyn Hood Lead Zenescope January 2021 Solicitations
In addition to their main titles continuing in this format, there will also be a miniseries sequel to writer Ralph Tedesco's The Courier from 2017. The Courier cover Credit: Zenescope Zenescope's full January 2020 solicitations include: The Courier: Liberty and Death Issue 1 of 3 Ralph Tedesco (W) Oliver Borges (A) MINI-SERIES • 40 PAGES • FC • $5.99 • TEEN When Eve[...]
Zenescope to Release New Robyn Hood and Van Helsing Comics in 2021
Continuing from our conversation earlier this week with VP of Film & Television Ralph Tedesco about Zenescope's plans for virtual conventions, editor and writer of Belle and Grimm Fairy Tales Dave Franchini joined us to talk exclusively about the company's plans for new content, including a sequel to The Courier as well as new stories for their[...]
Zenescope's Ralph Tedesco Exclusively Talks About Virtual Cons
The company's VP of Film & Television, Ralph Tedesco, spoke exclusively to Bleeding Cool about the company's plans for their upcoming slate of virtual content. Preview of the new exclusive cover by Sun Khamunaki Credit: Zenescope Theo Dwyer: For a company like Zenescope that has a dedicated fanbase but also the ambition to grow, what goes into planning these[...]
Van Helsing #50 Leads Zenescope's November 2020 Solicitations
Over the course of Liesel Van Helsing's creation in 2013's Unleashed event, the character has faced off against horror icons such as Dracula, Frankenstein, Mothman, the Mummy, and more in runs written by Raven Gregory, Pat Shand, Ralph Tedesco, and more It is one of Zenescope's flagship titles and most successful media properties, as it[...]
Auto Draft
Writer and VP of Film and Television Ralph Tedesco, President Joe Brusha, and editor Dave Franchini break the stories together in a writers' room in their Pennsylvania office and then assign the stories out Some writers put their own twist and style on these stories as well, which seems to be the case with Goldberg and Rodionoff. Conspiracy delivers[...]
Zenescope Announce Movie Night & Clerks Roundtable with Cast
Credit: Zenescope's Facebook Livestream On the livestream, Zenescope co-founder and current VP of Film & Television Ralph Tedesco spoke on the company's plans to debut a monthly movie night: "We will be doing a monthly movie night with the crew where we pick a movie and watch it, then we come on and discuss the movie[...]