Zodiac Starforce Vol. 2 #3 Review: Brilliant, Fun, and Gorgeous

The different teams of the Zodiac Starforce are clashing over what to do about Diana when Davos and Alice arrive to ruin their collective days. Alice tries to hijack their airship while Davos and his monsters battle the Zodiac Starforce across the ship.

Zodiac Starforce Vol. 2 #4 cover by Paulina Ganucheau
Zodiac Starforce Vol. 2 #4 cover by Paulina Ganucheau

I've not read Zodiac Starforce until today, and I wouldn't be able to label most of the characters if pressed to do so. Despite all of this, this issue was an absolute blast to read with diverse and dazzling characters with fantastic powers. Also, there is a monster with a car for a head.

Admittedly, the clothing labels on the cover do help. As such, I can tell you that Gemini, Taurus, Aries, and Aquarius (learned her name through the course of the book) are among my favorites in the book.

The comic is cover-to-cover action with great dialogue, creative ideas, instantly endearing characters, and a fabulously flamboyant villain with intimidating powers. There's not much more to say about the plot of this one. The plotting is light, but the pacing is quick and fun. The panel sequencing can get confusing at times, but I never felt lost despite the amount of characters present and the similar uniforms.

Zodiac Starforce Vol. 2 #4 art by Paulina Ganucheau and Sarah Stern
Zodiac Starforce Vol. 2 #4 art by Paulina Ganucheau and Sarah Stern

The artwork is gorgeous and lively too, courtesy of creators Paulina Ganucheau and Sarah Stern. The characters have distinct figures, designs, and costumes. I'm especially enamored with the design of Davos. The action is visually creative. The colors are brilliant and vibrant. This comic looks just as good as it reads.

Zodiac Starforce Vol.2 #4 is a delightful, action-packed, and endearing read with brilliant artwork and a great cast of characters—even if I've far from learned their names. I'm almost certainly going to follow the book from here. As such, I can't help but recommend this beautiful comic book. Give it a read.

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