A New Patent Shows The PS5 May Use A Liquid Cooling System

As we slowly wind our way to the release of the PS5, we're finding out all sorts of new information from documents about the console. According to a recently released patent, we got a new fun surprise for people who are genuinely interested in the tech for the PlayStation 5, as it will possibly come with a liquid cooling system. The cooling system in the docs uses metal alloys comprised of copper and silver that will keep the console at room temperature no matter how hard the console is working or how much heat it generates. Here's a bit of the translated text on the system from Dual Shockers.

A look at the PS5, courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment.
A look at the PS5, courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

When the heat generation amount of the semiconductor chip increases, it becomes difficult to sufficiently cool the semiconductor chip due to the thermal resistance possessed by the grease. In the semiconductor device…a metal liquefied by heat at the time of operation of a semiconductor chip is used as a heat conductive material between the semiconductor chip and the radiator in place of grease. When such a metal is used, the thermal resistance between the semiconductor chip and the radiator is lowered, and the cooling performance of the semiconductor chip can be improved.

​In a structure using a metal having fluidity as a heat conductive material, in order to sufficiently exhibit cooling performance, it is important to limit a range in which the heat conductive material spreads even when a posture change or vibration of the semiconductor device occurs. Furthermore, when the heat sink is pressed against the semiconductor chip, it is important that the force acts sufficiently on the semiconductor chip. That is, adhesion between the semiconductor chip and the radiator is also important.

If this is indeed what the PS5 is going to be using when it launches, that's definitely an upgrade worth checking out. There are guides online both praising and slamming liquid cooling systems for PC towers, to the point where it really all comes down to preference and if you trust the system to work better than air cooling. If it is correct and this is what the PS5 will have moving forward, fingers crossed that the tech is sound.

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