A New PS5 Patent Shows A Change To Controller's Touchpad

For the most part, when it comes to the PS5 controller, we haven't seen a ton of changes to that of the PS4. But a new patent has a slightly interesting change. A brand new patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment popped up online with a change in design to the touchpad of the controller. According to the information provided, you have a rectangle with rounded edges that looks like it is designed to replace or just clamp down on the current touchpad. It comes with some cool features tied to haptic feedback mechanisms. These include a localized rumble system and pins that push up to create a flexible layer. Giving you a 3D surface with tactile feedback sent from the game.

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Credit: U.S. Patent Office

One of the features that people have speculated about online is that this kind of a pad addition could create braille for blind players to interact with. As well as create symbols to appear on your controller that interacts with the game in a new function. In essence, giving PS5 players a new button to press in the game that is multifunctional and changes all the time. Which would be pretty amazing to see. Here's hoping Sony actually reveals more about this addition in the near future.

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