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The ESL announced they have partnered with RiotPWR to release their first mobile gaming controller specifically for esports use Simply being called the ESL Controller, the design of it was created to help elevate the ability of whatever gamer picks this up, as it was made to be comfortable and adaptable to multiple titles that[...]
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This morning, Microsoft revealed a new color for their line of official Xbox controllers as they now have Pulse Red as an option While there are a number of different patterns and color schemes you can get depending on what you're looking for in a variant, this is joining their official line of solid color[...]
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This morning, Retro-Bit revealed that pre-orders have officially gone live for the Legacy16 Controllers, both wired and wireless If you haven't seen these yet, they were teased earlier this year as an old-school SNES controller for the Nintendo Switch, both in a wired version with a USB connection and a wireless version that utilizes a[...]
Xbox Unveils Two Mandalorian-Inspired Game Controllers
The company teamed up with Lucasfilm Games to create these two new epic Mandalorian-themed Xbox Wireless Controllers What's more, they have partnered together to give them away to Star Wars fans and gamers alike, also you can add these special designs to your collection and game with them as a way to celebrate the finale[...]
PS5 DualSense Controller
Valve Corporation revealed today that they have thrown in a new update to Steam that will allow you to use a PS5 controller, if you wish Over the past few years, that company has been making it so that if you want to switch from the mouse and keyboard and want to use whatever remove[...]
PowerA Reveals Their MOGA XP5-X Plus Bluetooth Controller
PowerA revealed an all-new Xbox-licensed controller this week with the MOGA XP5-X Plus Bluetooth Controller The goal of the new controller is to give players a way to play their Xbox games from the cloud on a mobile phone or tablet with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate As well as being optimized for other controller enabled[...]
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For the most part, when it comes to the PS5 controller, we haven't seen a ton of changes to that of the PS4 But a new patent has a slightly interesting change A brand new patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment popped up online with a change in design to the touchpad of the controller[...]
Review: SCUF Gaming's Prestige Controller For Xbox One
A while ago we were lucky enough to receive a new SCUF Gaming controller for the Xbox One in the form of the SCUF Prestige If you're a regular user of SCUF gear, then you know the company has spent more of the past few years focused on Sony and putting out more controllers for[...]
Cable Guy Launches New Line Of "Avengers: Endgame" Chargers
This little beauty can charge most any game controller for Xbox One or PS4 (no word on Nintendo Switch), as well as most smartphones and tablets This one is designed to look like Iron Man from the latest Marvel movie and will be on display at their booth during Gamescom 2019 this year You can[...]
Images Of The New Google Gaming Console Controller Surface
Twitter has become abuzz this afternoon as images of the gaming controller for the new Google gaming console have emerged Ahead of GDC 2019, a website called Yanko Design showed off the first images of the controller for what's being called Project Stream, displaying a white controller with what appears to be a mix of Xbox[...]
Microsoft's Xbox One Controller May Be Getting Changes
A couple new patens just popped up online that shows the Xbox One controller we all know will probably change somewhere down the road Two different links from Free Patens Online popped up (here and here) showing one set of triggers with an input device with linear geared feedback, and a second set with motor-driven adjustable[...]
Review: SCUF Gaming's PS4 Vantage Gaming Controller
When you're looking for a better controller to use for the PS4, the vast majority of your time will be spent looking into SCUF Gaming I say that because the majority of controllers on the market for the PS4 are either shaped like the PS4 design and don't feel like a regular controller, or they[...]
Microsoft is Working On Prototype Controllers for Tablet and Smartphones
It looks like Microsoft are making more of an effort in developing materials for mobile gaming in the form of new controllers The news comes from Windows Central, who managed to get their hands on some internal research papers, which you see here As you can see, the company is in the process of developing different[...]
Scuf Gaming Brings Their New PS4 Vantage Controller to E3
One of the last stops I made on the last day of E3 was over at the Scuf Gaming booth, and it was well worth the visit to see their new controller This thing is basically an upgrade from top to bottom as they've taken their previous PS4 designs and streamlined them to make them[...]
Experimenting With Options: We Review the Scuf Impact Controller for PS4
In the grand search for better controllers to give us a better gaming experience, we found our way to Scuf Gaming who have been making their own special brand of PS4 and Xbox One controllers for the past few years We were curious as to how their designs held up to the standard and the[...]