A Total War Saga: Troy Receives The Ajax & Diomedes Faction Pack

SEGA and Creative Assembly revealed a new Faction Pack this week for A Total War Saga: Troy with Ajax & Diomedes. A lot of the game is based on the myths and legends of the era and what's been somewhat recorded and documented through history. So this pack is bringing in two of the most renowned warriors from the Iliad, along with a new set of units, new Paragon units, a fresh battle map, new Epic Mission chains to explore, and a special event on the way called Stealing the Palladium in which you will actually attempt to conquer Troy. Which you'll be doing with two warriors who wish to see the total destruction of the city and everyone in it. You can read more about the two heroes below, and get more info on the upcoming pack in this special FAQ here. The pack will officially be released for the game on January 28th.

A look at Ajax and Diomedes, in all of their fury and glory. Courtesy of SEGA.
A look at Ajax and Diomedes, in all of their fury and glory. Courtesy of SEGA.

Ajax the Great is the shield that protects the Achaean Host, known for his unsurpassed strength and huge stature. His unit roster relies on slow, but very heavily equipped defensive infantry to hold the line, while his powerful missile units take advantage of protected positions. Diomedes – the King of Argos – is a veteran in the ways of war and has used his martial might to establish Argos as an exceedingly powerful city, second only to great Mycenae. His unit roster is specialized in crushing attacks with well-rounded axe and sword infantry, combined with quick flanking units from surprising locations. The Ajax & Diomedes Faction Pack also introduces free content for all players of A Total War Saga: Troy. This includes access to Hephaestus the god of blacksmiths and volcanoes, and the Divine Craftsman Epic Agent.

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