A Total War Saga: Troy Will Get The Mythos Expansion Next Month

SEGA revealed this past week that A Total War Saga: Troy will be getting a brand new expansion pack for the game with "Mythos". This is basically kicking open the door really hard on all of the mythology that they've held off on putting into the game so far, because the original goal of the game from developer Creative Assembly was to present a lot of what happened in the story as a possible reality. This kinda does away with all that as you're getting mythical creatures that were made a part of the mythology at the time added in. The expansion will also come with free content for all players when its released on September 2nd, 2021. You can read more details below and check out the trailer showing it off.

A Total War Saga: Troy Will Get The Mythos Expansion Next Month
Credit: SEGA

Within the Mythos content Pack for A Total War Saga: Troy players can experience the Trojan War in all its Mythological glory.

Create your own odyssey and embark on one of three new expeditions to track, fight and tame legendary beasts and unleash them upon your enemies: the Cerberus – a vicious hound of Hades that guards the abyss, the Griffin – a deadly master of the skies, and the Hydra – a nine-headed serpent spreading poison and madness.

Spill blood in epic theatres of war whist commanding renowned heroes of the age alongside devastating mythical warriors. Multiple new units are yours to recruit including the legendary Arimaspoi and Shades from the underworld alongside mythological redesigns for iconic key units such as the Centaur, Giants and the Minotaur. Bolster their battle prowess with supercharged battle abilities including deadly spells and regenerative magic.

Turn the tides of the Trojan conflict within a mythologically inspired campaign map featuring all-new gameplay options to execute and new ways to entice the gods and enact their divine will.

Alongside the titanic swathe of content in Mythos, a brand-new game mode will be available to all owners of A Total War Saga: Troy that dramatically changes the gameplay experience. The new Historical mode offers refreshing gameplay that overhauls Troy's features so that players can experience the Aegean conflict from a realistic, history-first perspective. Such changes include wars being fought between generals and their bodyguards instead of one-man armies wielding the powers of gods.

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