Activision Discusses The Future Of all Their Call Of Duty Titles

Activision has finally addressed what will be happening with all their Call Of Duty titles when the next game and both next-gen consoles drop. A concern that comes up all the time with CoD players is the lifespan of whatever they're playing, which is always in contention since there's practically a game every single year from one developer or another under the IP. This year especially is a major concern with Modern Warfare and Warzone both still running with Black Ops Cold War on the way this month. The general fear was that something was going to give and that Modern Warfare was on the way out the door. However, this is not the case! In a new blog entry, the developer teams confined that both the current games will continue alongside the new one, and they will all converge in Warzone. In other words, MW players will be able to compete against BOCW players inside Warzone, while both games continue on their individual development paths.

You'll still be in the war, just in different ways. Courtesy of Activision.
You'll still be in the war, just in different ways. Courtesy of Activision.

The idea of that happening is pretty wild and astonishing, but it comes with a lot of changes and adjustments as to how the gameplay will work, the ranking system, and much more. You can get the full details of what's to come in the blog above, but for now, here's a snippet of the plans for all three Call Of Duty titles and how they'll work together.

No matter what game you are playing – or the platform you're playing it on – access and invite your friends to join you. Cross-Title Invites allow you to invite your friends who are playing Modern Warfare or Warzone to join you in Black Ops Cold War, and vice versa, with the party leader navigating to the title everyone wishes to play. The result is more flexibility and ease in gathering your friends for a Multiplayer match, Zombies experience (in Black Ops Cold War), or drop into Verdansk. As the Black Ops Cold War Seasons progress and the Warzone story unfolds, be certain that our teams are working diligently to ensure all of this content is accessible. There are no current plans to remove content from Warzone but to ensure the best possible player experience, there may be occasions where content is delayed, or becomes temporarily or permanently inaccessible.

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