Age Of Sigmar: Adepticon 2022 Flubs Standings, Corrects Themselves

Today, Adepticon officials made a statement on Twitter saying that they made a mistake in awarding the top standings to players in their recent event's Age of Sigmar tournament. This error has impactful effects on the prizes and accolades for the affected players, and, as a result, the player who was presumed to be in 1st Place may not have air travel accommodations for the United States Open Finale in November.

A map of the US Open events run by Games Workshop for their various wargames, including Age of Sigmar. Image credit: Warhammer Community
A map of the US Open events run by Games Workshop for their various wargames, including Age of Sigmar. Image credit: Warhammer Community

In their statement in a tweeted image on Tuesday, March 28th, Adepticon tournament official Domus stated the following:


We've discovered an error that was made on our part as we went through our audit of the data
for posting.

The error came in evaluating the tie-breakers for Best Overall for the Championships regrettably.

Our top 3 tied for Best Overall and the tiebreakers, in order, were Battle Points, Sportsmanship, Battle Tactics, Grand Strategy and Appearance.

Our judges believed they had sorted the top 3 correctly in that order on the day of the event, in the Warscore software, but we've discovered that was not the case.

I regret to inform you that due to this error the overall standings have to be corrected.

The correct standings are as follows:
1 Matthew Swinney (5/0)
2 Emma [Mangels] (4/1 lw 2S in Battle Tactics)
3 Kaleb Walters (4/1 lw 24 in Battle Tactics)

First off, please accept my sincere apologies. I fully expect this will cause significant emotions and accept full responsibility for this error.

We are humans, we make mistakes and feel absolutely sick about this error.

The 3 players involved have been notified via email but may see this tweet first.


Understandably, Emma Mangels, the 2nd Place winner who was given 1st Place in error, was upset by this turn of events:

This mistake ultimately seems to come as the price of Adepticon tournament officials not documenting their events properly, or at least not doing so via digital means. As a result of this, it means we also do not have the majority of army lists for this event's top competitors, which is something we would have been more than happy to give to you. Ironically, the list that we do have comes from Emma Mangels herself (note that while the claim of Best Overall did not end up being the case, the list, shown in the image in the tweet below, remains the same):

This is something that we hope Games Workshop can work with Adepticon staff to rectify for the affected parties. In the meantime, what do you think about this happening? Do you play Age of Sigmar? Do you play any of Games Workshop's games competitively? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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