Magic: The Gathering Deckbuilder Moxfield Announces Social Network

With all of the hubbub going around surrounding Twitter and its new lone director and owner, Elon MuskMagic: The Gathering players (among many other demographics) have been deep in thought, considering their options on where to go if the social networking site ever crumbles. In this line of thinking, on November 11th, the owners of Moxfield, a site where Magic players can go to submit their decklists and provide commentary and advice on the decks of their peers, announced their intentions to create their own social network for players of the game.

The art for the Moxfield Dragon, an art piece inspired by Magic: The Gathering. Illustrated by Andre Garcia.
The art for the Moxfield Dragon, an art piece inspired by Magic: The Gathering. Illustrated by Andre Garcia.

According to a press release we received from Harry Finocchiaro and John Tull, Moxfield's owners:

Moxfield is excited to announce our latest initiative to create a social networking platform for Magic: The Gathering®. In order to accomplish this, we are working on incorporating a feed onto the homepage, a way to post content outside of the context of a deck, and a way to safely moderate it all. We believe that in order for this to succeed, we'll also need to enhance the experience with a new native mobile app and push notifications.
We publicly announced our intentions for this initiative on Twitter on Friday (Nov 11th). However, we need much more time in order to complete such a large undertaking. We're hoping to launch in the first half of 2023, but we are unable to make any promises due to the size and nature of our company.
We've received a lot of questions over the weekend and think that these points are worth mentioning:
  • This won't be a new site, it will be new features building on top of what we already offer. This means users will still enjoy their same preferences like dark mode, notification settings, etc.
  • We will not be doing a verification program, but imitation accounts are a violation of our terms of service. We already have a feature where Patreon accounts get a badge next to their usernames.
  • We will not be selling user data, but advertising will continue as it's already a large part of keeping the site up and running.

When this announcement was made, the Magic community on Twitter became abuzz with discussion and, perhaps more importantly, hope. In the wake of Mr. Musk's takeover of Twitter, players have been worried about where they would go in the event that the site went under. Some players insisted that Mastodon would be the new place to be, while others posited that Discord servers would be the new region of the Internet to discuss the game on. Still, others spoke of Reddit as an alternative, albeit with dread for if that does become the place the community flocks to.

For the time being, Moxfield is being very close-to-chest about their plans, but have given a large enough morsel to sate Magic players for the time being. In the meantime, are you excited about Moxfield's announcement? We sure are! What do you think this new social network will do to shape the future of Magic: The Gathering? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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