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Magic: The Gathering: Warhammer 40,000 EDH Deck Previews Kick Off
There was an absolute scouring of GW's archives for lore tidbits and deep cuts that they knew would fit right into this product, it seems You can watch that video below: Furthermore, the decks will be revealed in full in the following order, according to DailyMTG: Tyranid Swarm will be revealed Tuesday, September 13th The Ruinous Powers (the[...]
Age Of Sigmar: Adepticon 2022 Flubs Standings, Corrects Themselves
I fully expect this will cause significant emotions and accept full responsibility for this error. We are humans, we make mistakes and feel absolutely sick about this error. The 3 players involved have been notified via email but may see this tweet first. Domus. Understandably, Emma Mangels, the 2nd Place winner who was given 1st Place in error, was upset[...]
Games Workshop Starts Brand-New Warhammer+ Subscription Service
Called Warhammer+, it allows fans the ability to access all-new animations, full access to older publications of White Dwarf magazine and other GW periodicals, a new, exclusive miniature every year, and more. An infographic displaying the many things you could get by subscribing to Games Workshop's new paid service, Warhammer+. According to Games Workshop's newest article on[...]