Age Of Wonders: Planetfall Reveals Latest Expansion "Star Kings"

Paradox Interactive and Triumph Studios revealed the next expansion for Age Of Wonders: Planetfall will be Star Kings. This next expansion introduces the Oathbound, which is a faction of noble warriors who "pilot these mechs into battle with a mission to save all of mankind". According to the devs, the Oathbound will also receive a story campaign, which you can read about below, which will bring the Star Union arc to a close. So an interesting and sort of conclusion piece of business for the game. You can check out the trailer and more info below as the expansion will arrive in the game on November 10th, 2020.

A look at the art for Star Kings, courtesy of Paradox Interactive.
A look at the art for Star Kings, courtesy of Paradox Interactive.

Previous Age Of Wonders: Planetfall expansions gave us a glimpse into the past and present conflicts of the Star Union but Star Kings looks to the future and lets players mold the galaxy in their own image to plant the seeds of an empire that will last forever. New features coming with Star Kings include:

  • New playable faction – The Oathbound: The Oathbound are a group of noble Paladins who pilot giant mechs and tear their foes apart with massive arc weapons imbued with lightning. The mythical Seers are the benevolent yet cunning leaders of the Oathbound that support their Paladin brethren in battle through their ability to see into the future from their connection with a mysterious computer system.
  • New story campaign: Lead a courageous Paladin of the Oathbound on a mission to save all of mankind through the use of the mythical Grail Configuration. The journey leads players across the galaxy to the fabled planet of Union Prime where the Star Union was born and secrets long forgotten come to light.
  • Grail Configurations: Powerful new landmark structures earned through multi-stage quests. These mysterious structures were created by an extinct race of crystal entities and are used for powerful long term bonuses that are integral in forging the biggest  empires possible.
  • Wildlife additions: Three new wildlife groups are joining the fray. The Psionica, vampire-like rock creatures that feed on psychic energy; the Apostates, former Oathbound that have given up their vows to embrace chaos; and the Mycelians, sentient mushrooms that have taken control of farming equipment to become cyborgs.

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