Amazon Has Officially Stopped New Game Discounts

Looks like Amazon is no longer gamer friendly territory as the media giant has officially ceased giving discounts to Amazon Prime members. Originally, when you signed up as a Prime member, you would get a 20% discount on all video game purchases, regardless of system, release date or developer. However, as of Thursday, it appears that option has now be taken away and games of any kind are being sold to Prime members at full price as listed on their website.

Amazon Has Officially Stopped New Game Discounts

Members and other websites have noted that the 20% discount is still on pre-orders, so at least you still got that going for you. But anyone who was utilizing Amazon as a resource for physical game purchases to save a couple bucks has to be just a tad heartbroken over this. The big disadvantage, that may hurt Amazon in the long run when it comes to gamers in general, is that people have become more hesitant in the modern gaming era to purchase games without reviews or at least finding a way to test them out.

There will always be a pre-order audience who buy the first day no questions asked, but it has become a growing trend after seeing many big titles come out and fail to deliver like some had hoped. Taking that option away from people who may have just used Amazon for gaming alone may cost them more than their fair share of subscribers.

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