Animals & Wildlife Farming Has Been Added To Farming Simulator 22

GIANTS Software released a new trailer this morning for Farming Simulator 22 showing off a new addition in animals and wildlife. For the first time in the series you're going to be getting a comprehensive system involving animals, both out int he wold and for you to use to farm other items. One the one hand you'll have animals that produce goods like cows with milk or bees for their honey. On the other side you'll have animals that are just there to be tended to for personal use and fun like horses for riding and your own pet dog. We have more for you below as the game is still on target for release on November 22nd.

Animals & Wildlife Farming Has Been Added To Farming Simulator 22
Credit: GIANTS Software

The irrefutable importance of bees shows itself in Farming Simulator 22 through various effects on the farm: by placing beehives in proximity to canola, potatoes, and sunflowers, the yield of said crops will rise thanks to pollinating. Of course, the bees also do what bees do best: produce a sweet, golden and viscous substance. Stored on generated pallets, beekeepers (preferably wearing the new protective beekeeping suit) can either sell honey directly or deliver it to the cereal factory, where it's used among other ingredients to produce a crunchy breakfast product. While the beehives in varying sizes are productive during warm seasons, they will only serve as a place for a buzzing slumber party when it gets cold.

With seasonal cycles coming to Farming Simulator 22, virtual farmers need to prepare for winter. While plowing snow and tending to livestock, additional income can be generated by building greenhouses in varying sizes. With plants and trees withered during the cold months, growing strawberries, lettuce and tomatoes will still provide a green sight – as long as fresh water is provided. And the profitability of the farm during winter is guaranteed.

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