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Farming Simulator 22 Announces New DLC Coming In March
GIANTS Software has revealed details of a new DLC pack coming to Farming Simulator 22, which will drop in late March Being called the Antonio Carraro Pack, this DLC will give you smaller and more maneuverable vehicles that will give you better chances to harvest grapes and olives in tight spaces These are very specific[...]
Farming Simulator 22 Reveals Vehicle Fleet In Latest Video
GIANTS Software has released a new video for Farming Simulator 22, showing off their vehicle fleet that will be available in the game at launch Technically being called the "Garage Trailer", you're getting a better look at the equipment you'll have to work with when setting up your farm and eventually utilizing the gear to[...]
Farming Simulator 22 Reveals New Map Called Elmcreek
GIANTS Software revealed a brand new map for Farming Simulator 22 this week as we get a look at the latest USA map Elmcreek The map itself is made to look like a farm in the countryside with the 1950's home and the giant silo next to a couple of red barns This look is[...]
Animals & Wildlife Farming Has Been Added To Farming Simulator 22
GIANTS Software released a new trailer this morning for Farming Simulator 22 showing off a new addition in animals and wildlife For the first time in the series you're going to be getting a comprehensive system involving animals, both out int he wold and for you to use to farm other items One the one[...]
Farming Simulator 22
GIANTS Software released more info about what's coming to Farming Simulator 22 as players will be getting more of a ground game this time The developers are adding in a different kind of gameplay that will keep you on your toes and not make planting crops as easy as before this includes adding in mulching,[...]
Farming Simulator 22 Receives A November Release Date
GIANTS Software revealed more updates that will be coming to Farming Simulator 22 with some big-name farming brands backing them up The team decided to give out some info and show off screenshots for the brand new character creator, which came with a ton of new clothing items and accessories to give you tons of[...]
Farming Simulator 22 Will Have Cross-Platform Multiplayer
GIANTS Software announced this week that they will be including cross-platform multiplayer into Farming Simulator 22 for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation The news comes as a big relief to a lot of players as it was becoming a challenge in some ways getting everyone together in the previous game to farm together Now that there[...]
Farming Simulator 22 Receives A November Release Date
GIANTS Software released a brand new trailer for Farming Simulator 22 at Gamescom 2021, showing off more of the gameplay Prior to this, we got to check out a small demo with the devs as they showed off some of the improvements, which you can see in the trailer below Some of the biggest additions[...]
Farming Simulator 22 Receives A November Release Date
GIANTS Software revealed today that when Farming Simulator 22 comes out later this year, it will come with some free DLC As you may recall from the previous game, there was a free update called Precision Farming that focused on having more of an environmental impact on the world and leaving less of a footprint[...]
Farming Simulator 22 Receives A November Release Date
GIANTS Software revealed today that Farming Simulator 22 will be coming out for PC and consoles this November The game officially went up for pre-order this week as the team will be releasing the game on PC, Mac, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Stadia on November 22nd Along with the[...]
Farming Simulator 22 Collector's Edition Will Be "Coming Soon"
GIANTS Software revealed today that they will be making a Collector's Edition of Farming Simulator 22 that will be "coming soon" This edition comes with a functioning beacon light, a new gameplay feature revealed called production chains, and the first of two new maps inspired by the Midwest U.S will be introduced in it Along[...]
GIANTS Software Announces Farming Simulator 22
This morning, GIANTS Software revealed they're working on the next entry into their farming series with Farming Simulator 22 The two big things to take note of here are that they have departed working with Focus Home Interactive and will instead be self-publishing this latest entry, and the second is that the game will eventually[...]