Anre Officially Joins The Roster Of Granblue Fantasy: Versus

XSEED Games has released a new DLC character into Granblue Fantasy: Versus as players can now take everyone on as Anre. He has been added to the game as part of the 2.31 Patch for the game, which makes him a playable character with additional weapons being added to RPG Mode. the patch also throws in a bunch of updates as well as bug fixes that have been applied to a few different modes. In this update, Master-rank players who have not played a Ranked Match for a set period of time will be demoted to SSS. So yeah, you need to keep playing the game to keep your title or be demoted. You can read more on Anre and see his trailer below, as the character can be bought for $7 or as part of the Character Pass 2 DLC bundle for $35, which will give you all the characters in that pass.

The power must come from that mustache of his! Courtesy of XSEED Games.
The power must come from that mustache of his! Courtesy of XSEED Games.

The founder of the Eternals, Anre is known for his iron defense. Anre possesses skills that allow him to deftly dance around foes' attacks while fighting. These include Rakshasa, a long-range attack; Mantra Wheel, a rushdown attack that can close the gap from mid-range; and Spiral Spear, a close-range attack with multiple follow-ups.

On top of that, Anre has two powerful defensive tools: the parrying skill Fleeting Spark and his Unique Action, Arm the Bastion. Fleeting Spark is a counterattack that allows him to move immediately from a defensive stance to an attack. While Arm the Bastion has a comparatively slow startup, if he's able to successfully parry his foe's attacks, he can immediately move to the next action. Mastering both of these moves will turn Anre into a force of balanced offense and defense. Anre's potent defensive skills form the shield behind which lies the power feared by all as the "menace of the skies" in Granblue Fantasy: Versus.

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