"Nicol: The Bolasing" Deck Tech Series, Part 3 – "Magic: The Gathering"

It is I, Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker, supreme overlord of the Multiverse, and dragon-god about town! I have decided to commandeer the next few Magic: The Gathering posts by this author in order to firmly place myself within the ranks of Bleeding Cool authordom! Quiver with fear at my Overwhelming Splendor!

"Nicol Bolas, the Deceiver" Deck Tech - "Magic: The Gathering"
Source: Wizards of the Coast

For this article, I'd like you, my captive audience, to take a trip down the corridors of ages past, to a time where I was not yet ascended to near-godhood. I was not a Planeswalker just yet, but the winds of fate shifted and I became akin to the gods. We are going to look at a Commander decklist here, one where I, Nicol Bolas, Elder Dragon of lore and God-Emperor of all realms of the Multiverse, was just coming into the realization of my own rightful power.

Source: Wizards of the Coast

Shudder with horror at the shadows of my past, by looking at the decklist found here!

Inclusions Fit For a God-Pharaoh

Spells inspired by myself: Most if not all of the cards in this deck are in some way modeled after the way I would run things, had I my way over at Wizards of the Coast's HQ. As it stands, there are not quite enough cards in Magic: The Gathering to fully encapsulate the awe and fear I aim to inspire on a day-to-day basis. Cards as blatant as my Planeswalker versions, cards that somehow bear my likeness or name, or even cards as obscure as Imp's Mischief (which bears naught but a quote attributed to me) are all included in this magnificent Commander deck.

Source: Wizards of the Coast

Cruel finishers: To be fair, the above is all you need to make an all-powerful deck like this one. But to even come close to reaching the pinnacle of magnanimousness that is I, Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker, one shall need Dark Intimations and a knack for the dramatic. As such, cards like Cruel Ultimatum, Hour of Devastation, and The Elderspell itself, are all included in this deck.

Source: Wizards of the Coast

Mana production: Of course, my services do not come cheaply. As a consequence of my higher-than-desirable mana cost, I require enormous amounts of mana to keep my spells flowing efficiently to the end. For this reason, my Thaumatic Compass, Talismans of Curiosity, Indulgence, and Dominance, and the mighty Gem of Becoming are all included in this deck, amongst a good many other mana sources. If there's one thing I know (and believe me, there are many things I know), it is that true power will never come cheap!

Source: Wizards of the Coast

This Isn't the Last You've Heard of Me

And thus concludes this brief history of the most powerful being you will ever meet, all encapsulated within the confines of a 100-card Commander deck. I know that you are eager to know more, and you are fortunate, for I, Nicol Bolas, am a generous benefactor, and will return as per your fondest desires tomorrow to show you more sights that there are to see. Until then, however, an Elder Dragon God needs His sleep.

For now, rest soundly – you will need it.

Source: Wizards of the Coast

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