Apex Legends Shows Off More Season 8 Gameplay & Info

Respawn Entertainment is showing off more gameplay and information for Season 8 of Apex Legends before it launches next week. Before the game launches the latest season on February 2nd, the team is giving fans a bit of a preview of things to come with a new gameplay trailer as well as some new info on the changes to the maps. We have a little info on the biggest changes in King's Canyon for you here, but you can read the full details from Respawn at this link. And you can check out the gameplay trailer below.

Fuse's ship is among the many additions coming to the game next week, courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.
Fuse's ship is among the many additions coming to the game next week, courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.

Fuse's debut in Apex Legends ended with an act of sabotage that has blown up parts of King's Canyon and brought down a massive gunship. As it fell from the sky, it took an entire mountainside with it, so the ship's final resting spot has opened up a large, previously unplayable portion of the map. The lingering smoke can be seen clear across Kings Canyon and the resulting fuel leak has contaminated and visually altered most of the area's water supply. Now ECHO (Ecological Cleanup and Hazard Outreach) has moved in to help clean up the mess.

The ship itself is a tall, King of the Hill power position with multiple ramps and scaffolds surrounding it to create a jungle gym of interesting gameplay. To the left and right of the ship are multiple ECHO stations that will provide teams plenty of breathing space and loot as they plan their assault on the ship. This crash site will also change up how existing areas are experienced. Artillery got caught up in the destruction and now has an exciting back door entrance that takes you up and into this new, northern region.

The tunnel to the east of Artillery that led to Containment has also been hit by the sabotage and now allows for a rotation from the North as well. These new openings should create all-new gameplay scenarios as teams explore the Northern section of Kings Canyon. Kings Canyon effectively became smaller with the destruction of Skull Town, but in Season 8, the new crash site adds back that real estate—and then some—in what will hopefully be a welcome play space to the North.

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