Apex Legends Unleashes The New New Chaos Theory Collection Event

Respawn Entertainment has revealed a new event for Apex Legends as you will soon take part in the Chaos Theory Collection. The event kicks off the game's debut on the Nintendo Switch as they will properly throw new players into the middle of the chaos for some awesome rewards. The event will behind on March 9th and run all the way to March 23rd, celebrating the Outlands murderous scientist Caustic, as it will ushers in several changes and new ways to play the game for a couple of weeks. We have some of the details of what will be going on from the team below, along with the trailer., But if you'd like the full details you can check over all the dev notes here.

In Apex Legends, the distance between life and death is measured by suffering. Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.
In Apex Legends, the distance between life and death is measured by suffering. Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.
  • Caustic Town Takeover – Featuring the all-new Caustic Treatment, players will encounter a new dominant mousetrap with lots of high-quality loot that beckons all Legends who seek the glorious cheese. Constructed to prevent the Crash Site fuel spill from reaching the ocean, players must drain the toxic liquid from the center of the facility in order to receive temporary access to four gold loot items locked in cages.
  • Ring Fury Escalation Takeover – A new game-type, the "Ring Fury Escalation Takeover" introduces one or more Ring Flares on the map within the current ring. Giving the classic Battle Royale a twist with expanding pockets within the Arena, players who get caught in the Ring Flare will take damage equal to the damage dealt by the current round's ring. Players can also throw down a new item, Heat Shields, which casts a protective dome that pours the deadly effect of the ring over the barrier for a short time. Heat Shields will reside in a brand new Survival Slot that aims to eliminate the choice between normal loot and situational utilities like a Mobile Respawn Beacon or a Heat Shield.
  • Chaos Theory Collection Event – Featuring a rewards track with all-new earnable cosmetics, this event includes legendary Kraber and EVA-8 weapon skins, daily rewards and challenges, and a brand new set of 24 themed, event-limited cosmetics. All 24 items will be available through direct purchase (for Apex Coins or Crafting Metals) and in Event Apex Packs for the entire duration of the event. Players who collect all 24 event items will earn the Bangalore heirloom. Following the event, the heirloom will be available to all via heirloom crafting.
  • No-Fill Matchmaking – A new way to play as a solo Legend that sends you into your selected playlist without a team of players. This feature will give players a lot of creative opportunities to play the game their way.

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