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Are The New 12KM Strange Eggs Worth Hatching In Pokémon GO?

Strange Eggs are less than a week old in Pokémon GO, and already it seems there is controversy kicking up on social media over the egg pool. Let's take a deep dive into what these 12KM eggs have to offer and if they are worth hatching.

Pokémon GO Strange Eggs promotional image. Credit: Niantic
Pokémon GO Strange Eggs promotional image. Credit: Niantic

Before we break down what's inside, it's important to understand how to get Strange Eggs in Pokémon GO. They aren't nearly as easy to obtain as other, lower KM eggs, which can be found by spinning Pokéstops or opening gifts. These Strange Eggs can only be obtained if you have an open slot before battling a Team GO Rocket Leader. Leaders, in turn, can be encountered either by earning a Rocket Radar from defeating six Team GO Rocket Grunts or buying one for 200 Pokécoins. So essentially, a Strange Egg costs either 200 coins or six Grunt battles and one Leader battle, making them more expensive and time-consuming than most eggs before we even consider the cost of an Incubator and the time it takes to hatch one.

All of this to say, they're not easy to come by for casual players, so the uncertainty over whether they're worth it is understandable. Let's break down everything that can be found in this egg with a rating.

  • Absol: 5/10. This is tough because Absol is one of the only Shiny-capable Pokémon in the Strange Egg pool and it does have a boosted Shiny rate. However, it's also a 10KM Egg hatch and is often available in raids. This isn't at all a huge loss when it's hatched, and it's a beautiful Pokémon, but there are easier ways to obtain an Absol. This one is filler.
  • Deino: 10/10. The crown jewel of the 12KM Egg pool. Another 10KM hatch, yes, but having Deino in a smaller pool like this is very spicy. As an anecdote, of the maybe 20 – 30 of these I've hatched, two have been Deino. That's far better than I can say for the Feebas-focused 10KMs.
  • Larvitar: 7/10. This may not be a huge draw for long-time players, but it has been quite a while since Larvitar has been featured in events as anything but a rare spawn. Many players will find this as a welcome addition to a smaller hatch pool as well.
  • Pawniard: 9/10. New Pokémon, and a great one at that. It may get old soon hatching these because it has no Shiny form released and only a two-stage evolution, but it's one of the hatches most trainers will be happiest to see.
  • Sandile: 9/10. Another new Pokémon, this seems to be the rarest of the hatch pool from the various reports seen on social media. Another one that's going to be very exciting for trainers to hatch.
  • Scraggy: 2/10. Here's where we get into the debate about whether these eggs are worth it or not. Scraggy was easily encountered in GO Battle League for some time, was featured in an Incense Day event, and was a Research Breakthrough encounter for an entire month. Scraggy may be lovable with its 90s style baggy pants, but walking 12KM to hatch one? Never that.
  • Trubbish: 0/10. No. Trubbish, also 5KM, is what many are seeing as the bane of 12KM eggs. Trubbish is another Pokémon that I, personally, love. I also love Eevee, and if I walked 12KM and did seven battles to hatch one, I'd be annoyed. It's understandable that Niantic wants to keep these eggs as a mixture of spicy and lukewarm hatches, but Trubbish is one step too far.
  • Vullaby: 7/10. It's a new Pokémon, which is great, but it's very common compared to the other two new additions.

Without Trubbish in the pool, these are the best eggs in Pokémon GO. With it? I'd recommend hatching these when you get them from leaders casually. Stocking up on a full nine and then doing a marathon hatch may lead to you feeling inside how Trubbish looks.

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