"Astellia" Receives A Pre-Launch Gameplay Trailer

Barunson E&A has released a brand new trailer this week for their upcoming MMORPG Astellia, showing off what they're calling pre-launch gameplay. The game is going to be a classical version of the genre with a fantasy theme, cutting out a lot of the gimmicks you see in others. The idea is that they're returning the genre to the gameplay many remember from titles that got them into MMORPG's. Check out the trailer below along with screenshots and info for launch day, which will be happening on September 27th (unless you pre-ordered).

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Credit: Barunson E&A

Launch day will come with a number of new additions to Astellia that have been made since the end of beta testing. Players will be able to create female Warrior and Assassin characters as part of Barunson's commitment to a tailor-made version of Astellia for western audiences. In addition, players will find a number of in-game events with GMs actively participating with the community for tons of fun.

Other improvements and additions for launch day include:

  • Colosseum Modes for solo play;
  • Guild size limits increased;
  • Cross class mounts;
  • A Revamped UI
  • And yes, Female Assassins and Warriors on day one!

Players can also look forward to a robust schedule of events and feature additions in the months following launch. These include class evolutions, the first tier of Legendary Dungeons opening, holiday events, a new Astel, and much, much more!

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