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Atari's Airborne Ranger Is Now Available For PC Platforms

Atari and Microprose have come together to release the classic title Airborne Ranger for PC, as you can get the game on Steam and GOG. One of the last major hurras for consoles like the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum, the game was originally released in 1987 and eventually ported over to several other platforms, including the Atari ST in 1989. (Which is probably one of the few times in your life as a gamer you've ever heard someone reference the Atari ST.) There's no gimmick or anything about this release, its the original all cleaned up and ready to buy for $8 on either platform. You can check out more about the game below.

Atari's Airborne Ranger Is Now Available For PC Platforms
Credit: Atari

"In Airborne Ranger, you must complete 12 challenging missions, initiated by choosing the appropriately-skilled ranger for the job ahead. Missions begin by piloting the brand new V-22 Osprey and picking locations to drop three ammo crates deep in enemy territory. Each supply crate contains ammunition, time bombs, first-aid kits, and grenades or LAW rockets, depending on your briefing. Choose locations wisely: you can only carry so much ammo, so resupply is critical. Then, it's time to parachute in and get to work. Dropping in is no easy task, as you must steer your parafoil to a safe landing. Missions in Airborne Ranger include jobs like destroying military targets and sabotaging installations, to rescuing POWs and stealing secrets. You'll need to navigate enemy troops and officers, minefields, foxholes, and bunkers, switching between stealth and surgically accurate combat to succeed. At times, you might even need to steal an enemy uniform to reach the objective. And you better get back to the LZ for exfil in time, or you'll get captured. If you get captured, welcome to your next mission — you'll need to mount a rescue attempt before you can complete the job!"

  • Leverage Your Location: Understanding the environment is critical to success. Lure enemies onto slippery ice in the Arctic; hide under brush and in water in the Jungle. Does your location call for melee or gunfire? A delayed timebomb that promises your escape? Sprint across an open field, or crawl into a trench to avoid detection?
  • One Way to Colonel: Practice mode lets you try individual missions; once you're up to par, you can step up to Veteran mode, where you will have to complete all 12 timed missions as a campaign. Rank up with each successful mission, all the way to a full colonel in the U.S. Airborne Rangers.
  • It's Authentic, Baby: Airborne Ranger features a historically accurate arsenal of weapons from the '80s, as well as realistically trained rangers to choose from per mission type.

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