Atlas Receives The Trade Winds Update This Week

Grapeshot Games announced today they have released the Trade Winds Update for Atlas on both Steam and Xbox One. We have some of the notes from the developers below, but the shorthand to this update is that they've added Platform Saddles, some new tameable creatures for you to snag, as well as Modular Ship Railings, and a number of other additions. All you need to do is update the game to get everything.

Credit: Grapeshot Games
Credit: Grapeshot Games

The most significant differences can be seen on the map in the form of Tradewinds. Tradewinds are predictable sailing routes throughout the new map, providing ships with a wind boost when traveling along the wind's trajectory. Even the most veteran of captains will need to learn a few new techniques to master these new travel corridors and fully utilize their strategic potential. Maps have been altered to accommodate these new Tradewinds, as well as provide new strategic zones and opportunities for satisfying engagement. These changes are further detailed in the notes below. Along with these macro changes that will significantly change up the current state of play, we  have also included several fun additions on a micro level (tames, structures, items) to spice up your next chapter of adventures.

  • Is that an earthquake or the impending sound of doom? Platform saddles for the Elephant, Crab, and Grand Tortugar have been added, allowing your giant tames to load up with cannons, torpedos and other armaments to wreak maximum havoc on your foes.
  • A new set of troublesome creatures are now roaming Atlas for you to battle and tame. The crocodile, yeti, and spider, each with their own unique set of useful characteristics, will be available on update but engage at your own risk.
  • The first set of modular railing customizations will be available for pathfinders to pick and choose the best loadout before each voyage. Need extra firepower? Slap on a few cannons. Going to do some salvaging? Add the diving board or cargo railing. Want to mess around? Grab a few friends, add some dinghies on the rails and watch hilarity ensue.

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