Beadle & Grimm's Announces Critical Role Tal'Dorei Campaign Box

Beadle & Grimm's revealed today that they will be making a special boxed version of Critical Role's Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn. Working with the company's publishing wing, Darrington Press, this new box will contain everything you need to run a campaign from the newly updated campaign book the company is releasing. As you might suspect from previous B&G releases, this box will come with maps, pins, intricate props, and other materials that will enhance the experience for players and give DM's some awesome material to work with. What's more, this particular set is being sold in different levels, so depending on how in-depth you want to make things, you can get a box that suits your particular needs. We got the full details below along with images of what's included in the box and a couple quotes from the company on this new set.

Beadle & Grimm's Announces Critical Role Tal'Dorei Campaign Box
Credit: Beadle & Grimm's

The B&G Tal'Dorei Reborn products will be available in three tiers:

  1. Arcane Tier: Beadle & Grimm's Tal'Dorei Reborn Box set – $249
  2. Awakened Tier: Box set + 1 (either Badge Pack or Map Vault) – $299
  3. Exalted Tier: Box set +2 (Badge Pack and Map Vault) – $349

The Arcane Tier is packed with exclusive items, including, but not limited to:


Created for key areas on the Tal'Dorei continent incorporating grids for use with miniatures.


When the player joins a faction or receives a hand-written letter as a call to adventure, the GM can actually hand these beautifully designed pieces to the player instead of simply reading them.


Each Premium Box will contain expertly crafted metal coins of the realm, as well as metal pins and tokens specific to the continent of Tal'Dorei.


Designed to fit over the GM's screen, the cards will feature encounter artwork on the player side and all the crucial stats and role-playing information on the GM's side.


The exterior will feature an eye-popping combat scene by Sidharth Chaturvedi, while the interior will give the GM the quick-reference tables and information needed to run a smooth game.


Designed to offer the GM fully fleshed out encounters, these short Tal'Dorei adventures can't be found anywhere else but in the Premium Box.


The sourcebook is included in its entirety as smaller booklets that allow the GM to hand certain sections to the players and put aside sections not currently in use.

MAP VAULT: B&G will also be offering a separate Map Vault with eight (8) additional battle maps. $70 if purchased separately, but purchasers will receive a steep discount if purchased as part of the Awakened or Exalted Tiers.

BADGE PACK: Includes 4 additional beautiful pieces of faction jewelry. $70 if purchased separately, but purchasers will receive a steep discount if purchased as part of the Awakened or Exalted Tiers.

"While purchasing all three items provides the best value, by offering some of the pieces as separate elements, the customer has some choice in determining how much they want to spend," said Jon Ciccolini, Beadle & Grimm's lead on the Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn Premium Box.

"Creating something epic with the team at Critical Role is a total honor. Not only am I a fan of CR's gameplay, I'm inspired by the players as artists and the cohesive, loving RPG community that they've built. Both Beadle & Grimm's and Critical Role have built their company around friendship and a passion for gaming. My hope is that our Tal'Dorei Reborn box experience brings joy to fans and players alike, and that our relationship will carry on for years to come!" adds Matthew Lillard.

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