Critical Role

Critical Role is a weekly livestreamed Dungeons & Dragons game set in the fictional world of Exandria, which was created by veteran voice actor and Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer. Mercer's co-stars on the show are also fellow voice actors Ashley JohnsonMarisha RayTaliesin JaffeTravis WillinghamSam RiegelLaura Bailey, and Liam O'Brien.

The group's first campaign ended in November 2017 after 115 episodes and 373 hours of gameplay (via Crit Role Stats).

The show is now in its second campaign, in which the cast begin a new adventure in Wildemount.

Critical Role airs live on Thursdays at 7pm Pacific time at

The Cronicles Of Exandria Vol 2 Interview-1

We Interview Critical Role About The Next Chronicles Of Exandria Book

Critical Role has a couple of projects coming up that are set to be released, one of them being The Chronicles Of Exandria – The Mighty Nein. This is the latest tome in a series of art books comprised of drawings, paintings, sketches, and more from artists around the globe who are passionate about the […]

Critical Role Critter Hug Promo

Critical Role's New Show Critter Hug Will Launch On May 4th

This week, Critical Role finally announced the launch date of their new show Critter Hug as it will debut on May 4th, 2020 at 10am PDT. The show was actually announced a few weeks ago on their Twitch channel, but then COVID-19 happened and put the world on hold, and with it went many of […]

"Critical Role" Suspends Their Broadcasts Due To Coronavirus

"Critical Role" Suspends Their Broadcasts Due To Coronavirus

This morning, another form of entertainment shuttered its doors temporarily due to the coronavirus, as Critical Role is stepping back for a minute. The show's production company sent out the notice below to their fans, letting them know that their weekly broadcasts would cease for the time being. According to their own schedule, the only […]

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"Critical Role" & Penguin Random House Announce "The World Of Critical Role"

Critical Role continues their expansion of media with a brand new book on the way through Penguin Random House called The World Of Critical Role. The book will cover the show, the series, and more with an in-depth guide to everything they have created over the past five years. The book is written by Liz Marsham […]

"Critical Role" Comes To "Dungeons & Dragons" With "Explorer's Guide To Wildemount"

"Critical Role" Comes To "Dungeons & Dragons" With "Explorer's Guide To Wildemount"

The world of Critical Role is about to get some official Dungeons & Dragons placement as both parties have announced Explorer's Guide To Wildemount. Since March 2015, the popular streaming show has been using D&D's assets combined with their own creations to bring you their own fantasy world and adventures every week. It seems only […]